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Staff is the most important and expensive resource for most businesses. Business owners are aware that they should manage their workforce more effectively, to get the most out of their investment, as the price increases of labor.

Sophisticated time and attendance solutions can manage everything needed remotely now. The CrossChex Cloud solution can secure data and provide advanced control, and access to rota planning and time management.

Listed below are 5 reasons why enterprises should choose a cloud-based time and attendance system:

  • Save hours of communication and eliminate spreadsheets

Cloud-based time and attendance systems eliminate spreadsheets, by providing a browser-based website to manage any plan. One can create a shift for staffs’ absents and their duty time within a screen, instead of paperwork.

CrossChex Cloud will post new features in the future that enable monitors to set holidays and vacations for employees and staff, and use them by creating a shift on their own. It will save more time on communication and paperwork.

  • Protect sensitive data

Employees get their money paid mostly based on how many hours they have worked and this data is sensitive, as it connects to individual pay rates. The cloud-based time and attendance solution makes sure that no users can edit or view this data, besides the authorized personnel.

  • Prevent time fraud or payroll abuse

Manual processes, such as timesheets or manager-approved overtime are open to abuse, fraud or honest mistakes. Buddy punching is also a big problem that decreases productivity. CrossChex Cloud eliminates these problems, by connecting with the biometric solutions, so as to ensure that employees can no longer buddy punching for others, after their employer chooses a face recognition time and attendance system.

  • Get reports at fingertips

One of the key benefits of a time and attendance solution is the ability to be able to generate a report in one touch. In CrossChex Cloud, users can generate a report that includes employees and their attendance records, including duty time, actual work time and their attendance status.

  • Increase employee trust in the organization

It has been perceived, historically, that time and attendance systems were used only to reduce the cost of payroll. But, in recent years, many employees and trade unions have not only accepted the use of such systems, but also demanded the use of a time and attendance system to protect employees from being exploited.

CrossChex Cloud

CrossChex Cloud is a globally renowned time and attendance solution. It can cooperate with most biometric products from Anviz, so as to provide and meet any requirements of an organization.

Whether it’s a small business that wishes to record the time and attendance of their employees or a global enterprise that wants to centrally and remotely manage a complex workforce, CrossChex Cloud can offer all the features needed.

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