CyberKey Vaults – Intelligent Key Management

Product Profile

CyberLock Electronic Key Cabinets

CyberLock offers three intelligent key cabinets that automatically program and dispense electronic keys with customized access privileges based on time, date, and authority level. CyberKey Vaults are secured key cabinets that store unprogrammed CyberKey electronic keys. The vaults require authorized credentials in order to program and release a key. Once the user has been properly authenticated, a single key is programmed with the individual’s access permissions and the key is released. When a key is returned to the vault, the cabinet reports back to the software all vault and key activity.

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Technical Specification

Make CyberLock
Manufacturer CyberLock
Model code CyberKey Vault 20 FX
Kits Yes
Reader Type Card Swipe
c/w Cards, Tags or Fobs Cards
Accessories Key Cabinet
Additional info

CyberLock CyberKey Vault 20 FX are beneficial for users who want to automate the process of checking in and out keys. The management software, CyberAudit-Web, tracks when a CyberKey is dispensed and when it is returned to a vault. Upon return, the vault downloads the key’s audit trail and reverts it to an unprogrammed state making it available for the next user. All vault and key activity is managed by CyberAudit-Web software and can be viewed by system administrators.

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