Securing America’s Telecommunications Infrastructure

Securing America’s Telecommunications Infrastructure

Security is paramount to the telecommunications industry but companies face unique challenges in implementation because of the way they are structured. Companies must secure their networks while managing hundreds of properties state-to-state over geographically widespread regions. Understanding who has access rights and when they exercise those rights is essential to securing their operations.

The on-going problems in managing remote, isolated sites are more related to vandalism and theft, than terrorism. With the tremendous increase in the price of copper and other metals, substations and equipment rooms have become prime targets for thieves. Keys are being duplicated and companies have no idea how many keys they have out in the field. Thieves gain access to equipment rooms to steal expensive network switches so they can sell them outside the United States. Cabling is stripped for the metals and sold on the open market.

There are serious access control issues for owners of rooftop antenna-site equipment rooms with multiple, co-located wireless carriers sharing the different subdivisions within a room. All have their own technicians coming and going. Maintenance people for the building’s physical plant also need access rights.

A security plan must be scaleable to allow telecom companies to control access to multiple facilities and track multiple identities. Touching lightly on some solutions that are available on the market today, here is an overview of technology that might be considered for integrating into an effective plan for managing site security.

What's inside?

  • IP-based security solutions for networked environments
  • Multi-location digital video security systems
  • Assessing cost of IP security installations
  • Key control and an audit trail
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