Water Utility Security: Challenges And Solutions

Water Utility Security: Challenges And Solutions

The repercussions from 9/11 and continued terrorist threats have put increased pressure on water utilities to secure their physical assets and electronically track anyone that accesses their facilities. A growing number of water facilities consider security essential to their operations and are giving it precedence.

Water utilities, both large and small, are looking for solutions that will allow them to secure their perimeters, track the movements of individuals, and prevent unauthorized access to their physical assets. In doing so, they face some unique challenges. Entry gates, well sites, re-pumping stations, chemical feed and other sensitive areas need to be protected. Scheduled water sampling should be electronically documented. Last but not least, utilities are tasked with managing the access of their subcontractors and vendors. Taking a practical, measured approach to sourcing security solutions makes the task more productive and less intimidating.

Progressive Approach

Water utilities must be progressive in looking at what they perceive to be a security need because security can be considered intrusive not only by staff but by those that are maintaining the system. The challenge is to raise overall security without it becoming a barrier. A utility must have clearly defined goals that will support, not impede, daily operations.

What's inside?

  • Manageable security solution
  • Thermal imaging cameras - for areas with no lighting
  • Video verified intrusion alarms for enhanced security
  • Key-centric access solutions tailor-made for water utilities
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