All-over-IP Expo 2015 partners with 58 global and local media to maximize exposure for Identity Management and Access Control Conference speakers and brands
Conference agenda covers fastest growing product segments and vertical applications

All-over-IP Expo 2015 is pleased to announce the agenda for Intelligent Video 2.0/Machine Vision Conference, sponsored by Basler AG.

In 2015, the East European and Russian video surveillance equipment market is worth a combined $595.1m. Russia accounts for approximately $300m. The global market for machine vision cameras has exceeded $4b; optics/lighting/frame grabbers for machine vision solutions have reached $5b.

The Fastest Growing Products

The overall video surveillance market has tipped in favor of network equipment (by supplier revenues), despite the large focus on analog equipment that exists in many regions. There has been rapid growth in demand for 180/360-degree and speed dome PTZ cameras, high-definition video surveillance solution, thermal imaging cameras, all-in-one IP cameras, video analytics servers, entry-level and mid-level HNVRs and NVRs, open platforms for VMS, HD-over-coax as a low-cost replacement for regular analog systems.

New developments in CMOS imagers, smart cameras, LED lighting, high-speed interfaces are currently making the most impact on machine vision.

Top Vertical Markets

City surveillance and crowded places including industrial facilities, subways, airports, railways, sports venues, shopping centers, cinemas, theatres and commercial centers. The demand for more advanced surveillance solutions is on the rise before the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Russia.

Transportation applications have moved to machine vision's mainstream. Intelligent transportation systems are soon to be rolled out across Russia, the market is estimated to reach 500b euro. Industrial cameras also deliver a new value to video surveillance applications.

Audience And Agenda

For the 6th time this year, Intelligent Video 2.0/Machine Vision Conference brings together 100 pre-qualified professionals who sell, install or use intelligent video surveillance and machine vision solutions in Russia. The conference agenda covers the fastest growing product segments and vertical applications that ensure targeted brand awareness for global vendors.

Media Coverage

All-over-IP Expo 2015 partners with 58 global and local media to maximize exposure for Identity Management and Access Control Conference speakers and brands, conveying their message, expertise and technology. Among the conference media partners are CCTViNFO.COM, SecurityMediaPublishing,, and Local awareness is supported by industry leading publications including Security&Safety Magazine, Security Director Magazine, Algorithm of Security Magazine, and online media including ComNews,, Security

All-over-IP Expo 2015 is a networking platform for global IT, surveillance and security vendors, key local customers and sales partners where they share knowledge and exchange ideas that are financially rewarding for business. All-over-IP Expo brings together major brands to ensure the best marketplace for the latest technology and innovation, and to lead customers to the Next Big Thing.

Primary Sponsor: ITV | AxxonSoft – a leading software developer that combines IP-based physical security management, intelligent video surveillance, and an enterprise-wide platform.

Education Sponsor: Milestone Systems – a global industry leader in open platform IP video management software.

8th Annual International ALL-OVER-IP EXPO 2015

November 18–19, 2015

Russia, Moscow, Sokolniki Expo

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