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Milestone Systems is a global industry leader in open platform IP video management software, founded in 1998 and now operating as a stand-alone company in the Canon Group. Milestone technology is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations, providing flexible choices in network hardware and integrations with other systems. Sold through partners in more than 100 countries, Milestone solutions help organizations to manage risks, protect people and assets, optimize processes and reduce costs. For more information, visit:

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Bosch Introduces Access Management System 3.0 That Integrates With Other Security Solutions

Today’s market wants access control systems that are always available, scalable, and integrated with other security solutions like video and intrusion systems to ensure the highest security and safety levels. At the same time, these systems must be easy to configure and use. With the introduction of the Access Management System 3.0, Bosch meets all of these requirements. Always available for security Access Management System 3.0 is designed to be available at all times. Its resilient design includes a Master Access Controller (MAC) as an additional layer of defense between the server and the access controllers. If the server fails, the MAC takes over, ensuring continuous communication across controllers while sharing necessary information from the card readers. In addition, access control functionalities that involve multiple access readers, such as anti-passback and guard tour can continue to perform. The anti-passback functionality is an important feature to ensure a high level of security. It prevents a cardholder from passing a card to another person enabling an unauthorized entry. Guard tour is a safety functionality offered to security guards, which uses access readers as checkpoints along a defined route at specified times. Threat level management The different threat levels can make all doors open, or all doors blocked, or a mix of open and blocked Any deviation of sequence or timing causes an alarm in the Access Management System. Immediate notifications to colleagues or first responders increase the safety of security guards. In the rare event that both the Access Management System 3.0 server and the MAC fail, cardholders can still enter and leave areas with their badges because the database is stored directly on the Access Management Controllers (AMCs). Thanks to this offline capability, it is possible to save millions of events even during downtimes, ensuring the continuous availability of the system. Access Management System 3.0 offers up to 15 configurable threat levels such as lockdown, controlled lockdown, or evacuation, which means safety measures can be initiated quickly in critical situations such as fire or security breach. The threat level state is activated by one of three triggers: operator workstation, external contact such as an emergency button, or specially configured “emergency” cards that are presented to a reader. The different threat levels can make all doors open, or all doors blocked, or a mix of open and blocked. Scalable and future-proof Users can start small and add extra capacity whenever necessary. The Access Management System 3.0 software can be expanded up to 10,000 doors and 200,000 cardholders. The software is offered in three pre-configured software bundles from medium to large organizations: Lite (max. 144 doors), Plus (max. 512 doors), and Professional (max. 10,000 doors). All bundles support up to 200,000 cardholders. No hardware needs replacing when expanding; users only require software upgrades and possibly additional controllers, readers, and cards. So, increasing the system is also cost-efficient. Customers who work with the software solution Access Professional Edition (APE) from Bosch can migrate to the Access Management System 3.0 by using the new importer/exporter tool. Together with regular updates to data security enhancements, these features make the system a future-proof investment - suitable for office and government buildings, retail environments, educational institutions, and more. Easy configuration and operation Access Management System 3.0 also has trusted digital certificates for mutual authentication Configuration is easy: Users can import existing floor maps into the system, and drag and drop icons on the map to represent controllers, doors, and building objects. User onboarding is straightforward. For example, enrollment and assignment of access profiles are all implemented in one dialog manager. Operation is smooth: The graphical user interface (GUI) is simple and easy to understand. The dark color scheme of the GUI reduces eye-strain and fatigue, so operators stay fresh and alert. Access Management System 3.0 offers protection against cybercrime and loss of personal data. The database, as well as the communication between the server and access controllers, is encrypted at all stages through the support of the secure Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) v2 protocol. Access Management System 3.0 also has trusted digital certificates for mutual authentication between the server and client to prevent tampering by unauthorized clients and uses secure design principles such as “secure-by-default” and “principle of least privilege.” Integration with third-party solutions Access Management System 3.0 is ideal as a standalone solution to meet today’s access control needs. It integrates seamlessly with Bosch B Series and G Series intrusion control panels as well as with video systems such as Bosch Video Management System or third-party systems like Milestone’s XProtect for increased security and enhanced situational awareness. The integrated command and control functionality enables operators to arm and disarm intrusion panels directly Integration with Bosch Video Management System (version 10.1 and higher) offers manual video verification to increase the security level at doors. The operator can visually verify whether the person at the door matches the registered person in the database. If so, the operator allows the person to enter. Bosch Video Management System integration also enables searching for cardholder events and events at doors. With the searching functionality, it is possible to quickly check who has entered an area and at what time. Moreover, access commands and events can be handled in Bosch Video Management System, making the operation of the integrated system most efficient. Intrusion control panels integration B and G Series intrusion control panels integrate seamlessly into Access Management System 3.0 for efficient authorization management and a central overview of all access and intrusion events. With central user management, operators can add, delete, and modify intrusion-related user passcodes and authorizations directly into the system, as well as organize users by groups or functionalities. The integrated command and control functionality enables operators to arm and disarm intrusion panels directly in the Access Management System 3.0 user interface as well as to see states of the areas (e.g. “armed”, “ready to arm”) and detectors (e.g. “motion detected”) on the system map. This provides operators with a central overview of all access and intrusion states, allowing them to easily and remotely handle intrusion events. Bosch Access Management System 3.0 is available for sale and makes access management simple, scalable, and always available.

Videotec Installs Explosion-Proof PTZ IP Cameras At An Industrial Complex In Mexico

When overseeing the installation of video surveillance in a refinery, it is necessary to understand that there are a number of complex issues that must be resolved. The infrastructure is, generally, very large and presents a series of extremely dangerous environments and processes that must be closely monitored in order to ensure that the numerous manufacturing operations taking place are carried out safely. Monitor large complex One of the customers in Mexico has asked for a system that enables them to monitor these complex operations in real time, so that precautionary action can be taken, if necessary. The system has to show the work that PEMEX staff and all suppliers within the processes area are undertaking in order to avoid risky situations and ensure that all jobs are performed in accordance with safety standards. In addition, the system needs to be able to show various parts of infrastructure, such as instruments, valves, pipes, etc. and detect any malfunctioning production equipment. In some places, production processes must be monitored as they occur in zones made hazardous by the presence of flammable substances. The customer’s top priority is being certain that the installed cameras themselves are not a possible ignition source for flammable products in the surrounding areas. Explosion-proof PTZ IP cameras The integrator REX ENTERPRISE S.A. de C.V. carried out two projects with these characteristics in Mexico: one in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz and the other in Poza Rica, Veracruz. In Poza Rica, Milestone software manages the system’s 51 devices, including IP cameras for internal monitoring, analog cameras from a previous system and 22 explosion-proof PTZ IP cameras. Milestone has been chosen due to its ability to integrate a number of alarm systems, analytic systems, etc. in the future, as it wasn’t possible to fund and use the complete system at the time of installation. ONVIF protocol Videotec's explosion-proof PTZ cameras were selected for their unlimited lifespan, with three-year warranty, their corrosion-resistant construction and their conformation with all the applicable standards for explosion-proof devices. The integration of Videotec products and Milestone is guaranteed by the ONVIF protocol. ONVIF is a worldwide industry standard that offers standardized interfaces and promotes effective interoperability of physical safety products.

Hanwha Techwin America Announces 4K AI Cameras With Deep Learning Analytics

Hanwha Techwin America, a global supplier of IP and analog video surveillance solutions, announced a line of 4K AI cameras. Part of the Wisenet P series, the new AI-based cameras capture pristine images at up to 4K resolution while including powerful, in-camera deep learning algorithms for advanced object detection, classification and error-free analytics. Utilizing object recognition versus motion detection all but eliminates false alarms while also providing valuable business and operations insight. AI cameras analytics “Our new AI cameras have solid performance in both analytics and deep learning applications,” said Ray Cooke, Vice President - Products, Solutions, and Integration, Hanwha Techwin America. “The included, license-free analytics detect and classify a range of objects including people, vehicles, license plates, and faces. This technology will provide more reliable edge based intelligence, and open new opportunities in security as well as business and operations intelligence.” Unique attributes of the objects are also stored as metadata alongside the video information including: Colors of people’s clothes for both top and bottom People’s clothing length for both top and bottom People wearing of glasses or not People wearing or carrying a bag Age group Gender Vehicle types Vehicle colors Hanwha’s plugin for Video Management Software This metadata can be read by a VMS server and used in post-event forensic search to significantly reduce time spent investigating specific events. Wisenet P series AI cameras offer integration with Wisenet WAVE and other popular VMSs from Milestone and Genetec using Hanwha’s plugin. As businesses re-open with new policies regarding social distancing and occupancy limits, it’s never been more important to accurately count customers and employees as they enter and exit the premises. Unlike traditional, imprecise methods of people counting with dedicated overhead cameras, the Wisenet P series AI cameras deliver the accuracy with people counting based on the camera’s AI object detection algorithm. Reducing Server bandwidth for analytics Wisenet P series AI cameras are equipped with a ‘BestShot’ feature which ensures that only the most suitable image of classified objects is sent to a backend server. The full video image can be up to 4K resolution to see details of objects, along with tagged attributes metadata. Users have the option to set the image resolution to less than 4K for full video streaming or use BestShot to minimize bandwidth and storage requirements for server-based analytics. Additional key features include: Digital auto-tracking: provides two simultaneous streams of video, enabling operators to see the camera’s full field of view, while simultaneously viewing a Full HD digital PTZ auto-tracked image of a person or vehicle Upgraded Business Intelligence: integration with Wisenet Retail Insight providing gender and age group counting 12V DC power supply (50mA max): provides power for external sensors including LEDs, PIR sensors, and glass break detectors, eliminating the need for an additional power supply AI Dome cameras series The new Wisenet P series AI cameras are available in the following configurations: PND-A9081RV – 4K AI dome camera with built-in IR illumination PND-A9081RF – 4K AI flush-mount AI dome camera with built-in IR illumination PNV-A9081R – 4K AI vandal-resistant dome camera with built-in IR illumination PNO-A9081R – 4K AI bullet camera with built-in IR illumination PNB-A9001 – 4K AI box camera