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Milestone Systems is a global industry leader in open platform IP video management software, founded in 1998 and now operating as a stand-alone company in the Canon Group. Milestone technology is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations, providing flexible choices in network hardware and integrations with other systems. Sold through partners in more than 100 countries, Milestone solutions help organizations to manage risks, protect people and assets, optimize processes and reduce costs. For more information, visit:

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  • Milestone Systems is a charter member of the IPUser Group and the Security Industry Association.
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Milestone Systems news

Milestone Systems Promotes Dr. Barry Norton To The Post Of Vice President Of Research To Strengthen Their Research Department

Milestone Systems promotes Dr. Barry Norton to Vice President of research. Dr. Barry Norton joined Milestone Systems in May 2018 as Director of research. In his new role as Vice President of research, Barry will also—in addition to continuing leading Milestone’s growing research department—be responsible for increased collaboration with universities. This will help move forward with machine learning, especially in relation to computer vision. Dr. Barry will be instrumental in helping to create the next generation of video software technology that will not only be innovative but will be used for the greater societal good. Predicting future technologies “Milestone Systems has high ambitions for the future. We need to understand and predict future technologies and megatrends to help accelerate Milestone Systems’ ambitious growth journey. Increasing our focus on research will gear this journey.” Barry is always more than one step ahead when it comes to applying future technologies" “Barry is always more than one step ahead when it comes to applying future technologies because of his profound knowledge and ingenuity. I’m confident that Barry will play a key role in taking Milestone’s video software technology to the next level,” said Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, Chief Technology Officer, Milestone Systems. Over the years, Milestone Systems has gradually increased investment in research capability and expertise. Ambitious growth journey With the newly created Vice President of research role, Milestone Systems will further develop its business and core strategic initiatives to accelerate the company’s ambitious growth journey and offer more cutting-edge, high-quality product features. The vice president of research will report directly to the Chief Technology Officer at Milestone Systems. Dr. Barry Norton, Vice President of research, Milestone Systems, commented: “Milestone’s ‘Make the World See’ mission is a clarion call to bring together the latest achievements in artificial intelligence from the lab to deliver true situational understanding in the real world. The commitment to deliver such technology in a responsible manner makes Milestone the ideal environment to deliver on this vision.”

Post-Pandemic Cities Spark Safety Concerns For Three-Quarters Of Brits

As lockdown restrictions ease and public mobility increases, new research reveals three-quarters (75%) of people have health, safety, and security concerns when visiting their nearest city, signaling a need for new security innovations and greater public reassurance on their return to UK cities. Following high profile cases such as the disappearance of Sarah Everard, the London Bridge terror attack, and recent road cyclist deaths, the public has a heightened awareness of the safety and security issues cities present, according to a new report into public perception of smart cities by video management solution provider Milestone Systems. Security concerns in the city Despite ONS reporting a total crime reduction of 4% in England and Wales in the 12 months ending in June 2020, more than a third (37%) of the British public cited petty crime, such as mugging and pickpocketing, as a security concern when in a city setting.  One in four (25%) Britons stated vandalism is a primary concern for them, and a similar proportion (24%) listed pedestrian safety as a worry when navigating their nearest city. Terrorism threat Although the UK's terrorism threat level was downgraded from "severe" to "substantial" in February 2021 by Home Secretary Priti Patel, following a "significant reduction" in the momentum of attacks in Europe, terrorist activity remains a worry for almost a fifth (17%) of the public. Terrorism was of markedly less concern to those over 65 than any other age group (8% vs average of 17%), but for all other safety concerns, there was a surprising consistency across both age groups and genders. Improving safety and security The existence and benefits of smart technology in cities needs to be better communicated to the public To mitigate these concerns, smart technology is already being deployed in cities across the world to improve safety and security. Increased bandwidth afforded by the rollout of 5G and the internet of things has given local authorities new tools to improve public services such as crime-fighting. In Glasgow, for example, there is an effective multi-faceted state-of-the-art traffic and public safety management system that uses data and video analytics to improve responses to issues in the city, but Milestone’s research suggests that the existence and benefits of smart technology in cities needs to be better communicated to the public. Smart city technology Neil Killick, UK General Manager at Milestone Systems said, “Many local authorities have been investing heavily in recent years in cutting-edge smart technology to improve public services and tackle safety and security concerns highlighted by our report. However, the research found that less than a third (29%) of people say that they believe smart city technology could contribute to enhanced safety and security.” “This demonstrates a need for more public education around how smart technology improves safety in cities and also suggests that local authorities need to continue to find new ways to improve day to day life for their city’s residents and visitors.” “The sector is advancing rapidly and products are available to tackle a wide range of city-based safety concerns so it is important to improve understanding so that citizens give their full support to smart city technology and feel safer and more confident when in urban areas.” Public awareness Increasing the public’s awareness of technology advancements for safety purposes must be done in a way that demonstrates its benefits. Developments such as limiting video network blind spots, improving poor-quality images, and supplementing visuals with data collected from interconnected devices, give law enforcement more reliable and thorough data to use in investigations. Thus, enabling instances of theft and civic disturbances to be monitored, reacted to more rapidly, and prevented, curbing the safety concerns of the public. Traffic management systems Department for Transport figures reveal the vast majority of accidents occur in towns and cities Also among the top five concerns for the public when returning to UK cities was driver safety (17%). Department for Transport figures reveal the vast majority of accidents occur in towns and cities, with 2,881 accidents per 1 million people happening in the capital city region, higher than any other region. One in six (14%) Britons cite cyclist safety within their top concerns when returning to the UK’s busy cites, supporting London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s plans for 160 miles of 'safer cycle routes. However, London’s low-traffic neighborhoods (LTNs) have come under criticism from the emergency services who state the new traffic management systems have reduced response times. This suggests that alternatives are needed to balance the needs of the public and of emergency services, such as smart sensors and cameras that collate real-time data to detect the quickest and most traffic-free route for emergency vehicles to take. Smart video and sensor technology Neil Killick continued, “As well as helping to protect the public in the context of crime, smart video and sensor technology can be used to manage traffic and roads within cities, reducing congestion and providing local authorities with constant, real-time analytics, as seen in Glasgow.” “This enables relevant authorities to identify potential danger spots, manage roads and bike lanes within a city and plan optimal emergency service routes. The use of interconnected devices, sensors, and video technology allows for a deeper understanding of how the city is being used so that necessary improvements can be implemented based on data-driven decisions to better public safety.”

Milestone Systems Unveil ‘Developer Champions’ Initiative To Recognize Outstanding Members Of Its Developer Community

By awarding the newly created title of ‘Developer Champion’, Milestone Systems recognizes and celebrates the most outstanding members of its Developer Community. To kick start the initiative, which launches in June 2021, Milestone has selected five international technology professionals from the Milestone Developer Community, who will be the first to carry the prestigious title of Developer Champion. Milestone Integration Platform SDK Software developers are a vital part of Milestone Systems’ open platform community. They use the Milestone Integration Platform SDK to develop applications and capabilities that plug in to the XProtect VMS product family. Milestone already offers a variety of initiatives for developers, such as the Milestone Developer Forum, where developers can ask questions and share ideas and inspiration. Another initiative, Milestone Developer Conference, enables and engages developers to co-create video management solutions (VMS) and the Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest awards, and celebrates the very best ideas in the Milestone Developer Community. Developer Champions initiative With the new Developer Champions initiative, Milestone Systems aims to foster inspiration and knowledge sharing and create valuable relationships in the developer community. Milestone’s People First approach is carried over to the work with the Developer Community, by recognizing and awarding individual contributors in the ecosystem. “We have a very strong Developer Community, and we’ve had many solid contributors and supporting voices throughout the years. Awarding the title of Milestone Developer Champion is our way of appreciating these positive forces,” said Jasleen Kaur Rehal, Senior Developer Relations Manager, Milestone Systems. Working with Milestone’s video technology We want to strengthen our relationships with the newly appointed Milestone Developer Champions" She continues, “We want to strengthen our relationships with the newly appointed Milestone Developer Champions, as well as future champions, so that together we can create more awareness about and share experiences of working with Milestone’s video technology. This is what community is all about.” The first five technology professionals to be awarded the title of Milestone Developer Champion are: Christian Spitzner, Bosch (Germany), Eric Bourque, Orbnet Systems (Switzerland), Michel Matta, Veertec (Lebanon), Dan Fritsch, App-Techs Corp (USA) and Dani Elias, The Boring Lab (USA). “It’s a big honor to be recognized for my work and what I have been able to contribute with so far. I am looking forward to connecting even more with the Milestone Community,” said Dani Elias, the CTO of The Boring Lab, one of the five Milestone Developer Champions. Milestone Systems’ Developer Advocate All champions will have the opportunity for frequent contact with the Milestone Systems’ Developer Advocate to discuss and develop ideas. Champions will receive support from the initiative, as well as continued opportunities to further contribute to the Developer Community with opportunities such as speakerships, offering their expert advice and sharing content, videos, and solutions among other things.