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Milestone Systems is a global industry leader in open platform IP video management software, founded in 1998 and now operating as a stand-alone company in the Canon Group. Milestone technology is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations, providing flexible choices in network hardware and integrations with other systems. Sold through partners in more than 100 countries, Milestone solutions help organizations to manage risks, protect people and assets, optimize processes and reduce costs. For more information, visit:

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  • Milestone Systems is a charter member of the IPUser Group and the Security Industry Association.
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Milestone Systems news

NW Security Signs Integration Partnership Agreement With Arcules As ‘Cloud CCTV’ Sees Wide Adoption In The United Kingdom

Globally renowned IP video surveillance integrator, NW Security (NW Systems Group) has signed a partnership agreement with the major unified, intelligent security-as-a-service solutions provider, Arcules. Arcules VSaaS platform The Arcules Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) platform provides organizations with an underlying cloud infrastructure, which offers features such as compatibility between sites, low video latency, data encryption, redundancy, streamlined maintenance, automatic firmware updates and easy onboarding, all built on the Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud offers several major advantages for those exploring the option of migrating their CCTV system into the Cloud. Firstly, Google has invested in building its own data centers around Europe which can ensure new data privacy requirements under EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are met, while simultaneously minimizing data latency to a few microseconds, something that is crucial in live monitoring of CCTV for example. Google Cloud Google Cloud also offers considerable strength in harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) Google Cloud also offers considerable strength in harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). This capability can help users match CCTV camera data with data from other connected sensors to add richness to users’ understanding of incidents. This, in turn, helps firms to become more proactive and predictive in their security operations. It also makes it easier to extract business intelligence which can be put to work to find efficiencies and improve profitability for businesses. Fully open platform with support for IP cameras Arcules offers a fully open platform including support for over 3,000 IP camera models available in the market. This enables customers to migrate their existing surveillance cameras to an Arcules Cloud account without the need to buy new cameras. Arcules, which was spun out of Milestone Systems three years ago, also benefits from tight integration with the Video Management Software (VMS) solutions company. This allows Milestone XProtect customers to make smaller remote sites live quickly and with minimal IT resources and downtime using the award-winning Arcules-XProtect Hybrid VMS Solution. Arcules remains a Canon Group company together with both Milestone and Axis. Migration of CCTV systems into the cloud Frank Crouwel, Managing Director of NW Security (NW Systems Group), commented “We are right on the cusp of an acceleration in the migration of CCTV systems into the cloud. Over two thirds (71 per cent) of England-based medium and large-sized firms in the private sector and 43 per cent of public sector organizations we surveyed in September 20201, are planning to migrate CCTV systems into the cloud within the next 12 months.” It’s important to have well developed services for helping firms to migrate CCTV into the cloud" Frank adds, “It’s important to have well developed services for helping firms to migrate CCTV into the cloud. Arcules now offers the right combination of highly secure, yet open and flexible cloud CCTV platform with easy onboarding paths for customers. We are very pleased to be Arcules’ first integrator partner for the United Kingdom.” Open and flexible cloud CCTV platform Michael Hyglid, Sales Director EMEA at Arcules, said “NW Security is set to be a key partner for us in the United Kingdom. Unusually, it has a broad base of customers who prefer to buy equipment direct, often via its specialist IP CCTV online store - Network webcams. NW Security then helps many of these companies to integrate and configure this equipment, so it works optimally.” He adds, “They also understand that some customers are likely to favor buying surveillance capabilities via OPEX rather than incurring considerable CAPEX, which is where Arcules has a lot to offer. I’ve also been impressed by their knowledge of other cloud providers.” ‘Cloud first’ platform Michael further stated, “They understood right away that we are not just a software solution that’s been ported into the cloud but are a 100 per cent ‘cloud first’ platform built on leading cloud tools and principles. They also understand where we are today and the strength of our technology roadmap.”

LenelS2 Unveils OnGuard Security Management System Version 8.0 That Offers Powerful Visualization For Data-based Insights

LenelS2 has announced the release of the OnGuard security management system version 8.0, empowering security teams with enhanced situational awareness through unified views of the security environment, as well as powerful visualization for data-based insights. OnGuard Version 8.0 OnGuard Version 8.0 provides major updates including integration with the Magic Monitor unified client, rich interactive maps, a new modern reporting engine, cyber security enhancements and more. The OnGuard security management system is an advanced solution in Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program, and provides critical features like occupancy management, enhanced access control and proactive screening solutions to better protect people and assets, and optimize building health and efficiency. LenelS2, a globally renowned company in advanced security systems and services, is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, an international provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions. Transforming security data into actionable insights OnGuard version 8.0 provides end users with the tools to be in complete control of their security environment “OnGuard version 8.0 provides end users with the tools they need to be in complete control of their security environment and transform security data into actionable insights,” said Jeff Stanek, President of LenelS2. He adds, “As the world returns to the workplace, the breadth of new features, updates and enhancements in OnGuard version 8.0 make it an ideal solution for today’s unique security challenges.” Magic Monitor unified client The OnGuard security management system version 8.0 system enhances security and situational awareness through integration with the Magic Monitor client, a Windows and Mac OS client, which provides a unified view of access control, video surveillance feeds and web content in a single display. Users can view OnGuard system alarms, credentials as well as live or recorded video from the LenelS2 Network Video Recorder (LenelS2 NVR) platform, or third-party video management systems, including the Milestone XProtect system. The Magic Monitor unified client supports a single display, a command center workstation or expansive video walls. OnGuard Reports and Dashboard features To turn security data into actionable insights, the OnGuard version 8.0 platform now features a new OnGuard Reports browser client that provides customizable reports. An OnGuard Dashboard feature offers powerful visualization of system, cardholder and alarm data in a variety of graphical formats. The new interactive OnGuard Maps feature offers browser-based visualization of facility layouts and provides dynamic system feedback. With OnGuard version 8.0, the Maps feature is included within the OnGuard Monitor client and is accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Usability enhancements and cyber security upgrades OnGuard version 8.0 system also includes new usability enhancements, integrations and cyber security upgrades The OnGuard version 8.0 system also includes new usability enhancements, integrations and cyber security upgrades to improve safety and convenience. Usability enhancements include easy-to-access language options in OnGuard Visitor Self Service mobile app version 1.5 and a richer video viewing experience across OnGuard web clients. The improved video experience includes new audio, digital zoom, snapshot capture and Milestone XProtect video support in OnGuard Monitor and Surveillance web clients. Enhanced security in K-12 education segment To enhance security in the K-12 education segment, integration with the Allegion Von Duprin Remote Undogging/Remote Monitoring (RU/RM) solution enables an electronic override of mechanical undogging for facility emergency lockdown and remote door status monitoring. ‘Secure by Default’ settings, coupled with license administration security improvements, further enhance cyber security across the OnGuard system.

Milestone Marketplace Helps Customers Explore Unmatched Possibilities To Extend Video Solutions

Times are changing fast and so is the need for using and combining technologies in new ways. With the new edition of Milestone Marketplace, buyers will not only find the complementary hardware and software functionality, but they will also explore solution services when building best-of-breed video management solutions. COVID19 has forced businesses, cities, and entire countries to operate in new ways and increased the demand for new technologies and digital solutions. Adaptable video solutions Versatile use of video solutions that can be expanded with more functionalities help companies thrive when the world changes, whether the need is to ensure public safety, secure access to buildings, or check adherence to social distancing rules. Milestone Marketplace is empowering businesses to explore the unmatched possibilities of video solutions, relevant to companies looking for a new video solution and for existing users of Milestone XProtect looking to enhance the solution’s functionality. In addition to verified hardware and software, the new release of Milestone Marketplace also holds solution services with a total of more than 500 options to choose from. Digital platform The global digital platform includes powerful technologies, like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, video analytics, GIS, and GPS along with combined solutions tailormade to meet several business challenges. The partners behind this are all part of the Milestone Community, ready to help businesses use video solutions to solve new challenges. Explore, connect and deploy Buyers can filter through a network of trusted Milestone integration partners to find the best fit Milestone Marketplace allows buyers access to a vast catalog of Milestone Systems XProtect-compatible software, hardware, and solution services, as well as recommendations and guidance on how to solve specific challenges. Moreover, buyers can filter through a network of trusted Milestone integration partners to find the best fit for their business across the globe. Customer cases, documentation, implementation guides, and demos are just some of the elements made available by the partners using Milestone Marketplace to allow customers to explore solutions available to them. Onboarded integrators “Since we first introduced Milestone Marketplace in 2019, we’ve been working to extend the experience for both customers and partners when searching for and creating XProtect-compatible solutions.” “With this version we’ve onboarded integrators as a new partner type, improved the search functionality, and added use categories to name but a few, all with the aim to offer a future-proof platform open to integrating with innovation from around the world,” says Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Kenneth Hune Petersen, Milestone Systems.