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Taiwan-based Climax Technology Company announces the release of a security control compatible with’s cloud-based home security and automation platform. The HSGW-model wireless control has a wide range of regional certifications including EN Grade II for the European market and many other country-specific regulatory approvals. supports the entire ecosystem of Climax security sensors, peripherals, and automation devices in a variety of wireless frequencies.

Climax controls and sensors include advanced features and superior wireless performance. Their encrypted F1 series wireless sensors have long battery life and two-kilometer open-air range. The HSGW control includes embedded Z-wave automation, dual-path Ethernet, 3G/LTE communication, high-zone capacity, and two-way voice for alarm verification.

Feature-rich and competitive solution

In combination with’s security, video, automation, and energy management services, the HSGW is an attractive, feature-rich, and competitive solution for home and small business owners.’s remote reseller portal complements these capabilities with a robust set of tools that increase the speed and efficiency of installations by authorized dealers.

We are excited to expand our partnership with to fuel global growth"

We are excited to expand our partnership with to fuel global growth and broaden our range of smart home security hardware and solutions,” said Michael Chang, CEO of Climax Technology.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration with Climax control panels and devices provides more hardware options for our resellers and expands the global footprint where our services can be offered,” said Reed Grothe, SVP Global Business Development at

Deep integration of Climax panels and sensors with technology means users can remotely monitor and automate their homes for greater security, comfort and peace of mind. Climax Security products are available in Europe, APAC, and the Americas from Climax Technologies and authorized distributors.

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