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Everbridge, Inc., a provider in critical event management and enterprise safety software applications to help keep people safe and businesses running, announced the next generation of its Critical Event Management (CEM) Platform.

Unveiling a single, turnkey operating environment for managing critical events, Everbridge customers can now leverage the company’s powerful visualization and orchestration capabilities built natively into its market-leading CEM platform. Everbridge’s next generation SaaS platform also features the ability to dynamically locate employees at risk and provide organizations with enhanced and actionable risk intelligence.

Challenges In A Mobile World 

In today’s increasingly mobile world, organizations are challenged with managing critical incident preparedness, communications and response. Everbridge transcends this challenge by enabling any organization to leverage a single, integrated view for managing and responding to enterprise risk across business continuity, employee/asset safety, supply chain and business resiliency. 

Unifying its Visual Command Centre (VCC) software with its entire suite of CEM applications provides organizations with an end-to-end operating environment to take an ‘Assess, Locate, Act and Analyze’ closed loop approach to managing critical events. This unified solution enables organizations to:

  • Assess – detect and gain situational clarity about a threat and its potential impact to people and assets
  • Locate – pinpoint key stakeholders including responders and resolvers, those in an impact location, and others that need to know, i.e. government officials and business executive teams
  • Act – initiate and manage automatic incident communications workflows to quickly and decisively mitigate or eliminate the impact of a threat
  • Analyze – conduct analysis on actions taken to understand patterns and improve outcomes and preparation for the next critical event.

This end-to-end approach enhances an organization’s ability to proactively anticipate threats to their people and assets and take actions such as adjusting supply chains and travel schedules to avoid risks. It also enables an organization to reduce cycle times in identifying threats, initiating response, and confirming that their people and assets are safe. Everbridge’s next generation SaaS platform also features the ability to dynamically locate employees at risk 

Visual Command Centre Key Goals 

“Our goal is to provide security and risk professionals with an end-to-end operating environment to mitigate or eliminate the impact of critical events to their organization,” said Imad Mouline, CTO at Everbridge. “The next generation of our CEM platform unifies real-time threat intelligence and situational awareness with the ability to dynamically locate people and assets, automate incident response workflows, and generate the metrics to measure the performance and impact of actions and outcomes.” This end-to-end approach enhances an organization’s ability to proactively anticipate threats to their people

With Visual Command Centre software unified as a core component of the CEM Platform, organizations can receive immediately actionable data to easily visualise, assess, and predict which events could hamper or severely threaten their most valuable assets or continuity of operations.  

Providing a wide array of risk data that includes threat, reference, and contextual feeds from a variety of public, partner and proprietary sources, Everbridge provides customers with award-winning visualisations and user experiences including:

  • A full complement of integrated risk event data sources including general safety and security, terrorism, Everbridge Nixle®, transportation-related, civil unrest, crime, weather, earthquakes, wildfires, and more.
  • Contextual data sources to assist operators with workflow including weather overlays, live traffic cameras, traffic flow conditions, and geo-tagged social media feeds.
  • Reference data sources including airport locations, critical infrastructure, and geo-political borders.
  • Time, search, and spatial queries and filtering with Export to Excel for ease of use.

As a result, organizations will be able to:

  • Feed dynamic location data from access control systems, travel management solutions, Wi-Fi access points and other sources using Everbridge’s Safety Connection solution directly into VCC to enable location-aware intelligence for employees and other stakeholders.
  • Automatically alert and stream live video to VCC when Everbridge cellphone app users signal SOS or miss a Safe Corridor check-in
  • Embed Everbridge’s Incident Communications solution to provide seamless multi-modal communication and summarization of response to contacts affected by critical events. Incidents can be initiated using the company’s Crisis Commander® product workflow.

As part of its next generation platform, Everbridge is also providing a new Admin Console, where customers can upload and manage their asset data, configure Visual Command Center data feeds, set Alert rules and permissions to manage access to data, and set Incident Communications integration preferences. The Admin Console provides full self-service capabilities for the customer.

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