Geutebruck Introduces The Next Generation Of ‘omnibrid’, Multi-standard Operating Software

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‘Hybrid was yesterday; the future is omnibrid,' is how Geutebruck is heralding the introduction of its new generation of setup and operating software for GeViStore and GeViScope platforms this spring. Not only does this high performance software support analog, digital and megapixel cameras as well as ONVIF-compliant IP cameras and even16/9 HD-format ones, but it also enables any M-JPEG and H.264 based standard digital compression processes (including specialist video surveillance ones like MPEG4CCTV, H264CCTV) to be used in the same system. This multi-standard capability means that more than one compression standard can be used in one single system and the end-user is no longer tied to one particular process. And, if a camera signal is not available from the source in the optimized MPEG4CCTV format, then the M-JPEG stream can be trans-coded in real time.

From Geutebruck's point of view the arrival of ‘omnibrid' software marks another significant step towards achieving the ultimate goal of producing video security systems which record only those images which are really relevant to the user, and which give him the best possible conditions for extracting the valuable information from them. Geutebruck's video sensors and intelligent video analysis software already offer a reliable and proven means of efficiently selecting, managing, and minimizing relevant material for onward transmission and/or recording, while its own specialist, CCTV-friendly, standard-compliant compression processes retain fluid motion, and consequently valuable detail, in situations and processes where the vast majority of other H.264 implementations only hesitate and shudder. However, until now the only IP cameras whose video stream could be processed using Geutebruck's video analysis software have been those few with added functionality.

‘Omnibrid' software lifts this restriction and opens the door for much greater flexibility in product selection. It also provides more scope for intelligent data management, enables the use of different compression formats for different purposes, and gives system designers much more scope to achieve optimum customisations.

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Technical Specification

Make Geutebruck
Model code Omnibrid
Software Type Control Software
Additional info For GeViScope and GeViStore platforms this supports analog, digital, megapixel, ONVIF-compliant, IP and !6/9 format HD cameras with simultaneous use of different M-JPEG or H.264-based video compression formats.
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