MOBOTIX Announces Release Of ManagementCenter 1.2

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MOBOTIX is pleased to announce the latest major release of our new video management software. Download and experience the enhanced features of MOBOTIX ManagementCenter 1.2.

New Features Of MxMC 1.2

  • Enhanced export capabilities. MxMC allows the export of the complete video as an overview or the zoomed part of the image in different formats. This new function supports the export into different resolutions, frame rates, ­virtual PTZ views, including the transformation from 360° hemispheric (fisheye) to surround, panorama or special views independent from the export source.

  • Histogram with MxEventStatistics. The display of events in a Histogram allows a fast graphical analysis of irregularities and related information. This is a perfect tool to get a quick overview of all events from the database, generated inside the camera without any additional PC.

  • Playback analysis with post video motion. Automatic post video motion analysis allows high-speed search including time lapse of the complete video footage to find particular motion events. This will help to reduce playback research considerably.

  • Smart Alarming features & scalable display area. Different events in the individual camera configuration can be defined as an alarm. This way, you can focus on the most important events, which can be defined as alarms depending on the specific application. Immediate display change between events and alarms is supported as well.

  • User action log & system health check. If the recording path is not valid or accessible, you can analyse the correct server settings. Connection failures to cameras are directly shown for further investigation.
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Technical Specification

Manufacturer MOBOTIX Corp
Model code MxMC 1.2
Software Type Management Software
Additional info
  • Gesture Control Touchscreen drag & drop interface
  • High-speed Research 60-times playback speed and comfortable time lapse
  • Event Statistics Frequency and cumulations with histogram
  • POS Integration Video supported inventory analysis
  • Smart Config Cost reduction by a factor of 10 or more
  • Multi-Monitor Easy setup of monitor walls
  • Mobile Playback Adaptive bandwidth management
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