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VPR Brands, LP, a globally renowned edge innovation and technology products company, has announced the launch of its fully automated infrared body temperature screening device, dubbed VPR Verified system.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued guidance expanding the use of tele-thermographic systems for triage use during the ongoing public health crisis owing to the COVID-19 pandemic spread.

tele-thermographic systems

The FDA says that tele-thermographic systems can be deployed to use for initial triage at high-traffic areas

Because fever is a common symptom of the COVID-19 virus, the FDA says that tele-thermographic systems, which convert infrared radiation into body temperature measurement, can be deployed to use for initial triage at high-traffic areas, such as airports, businesses, warehouses and factories, as well as in settings where thermometers may be in short supply.

With the gradual easing of public lockdown measures and a return to business operations, the VPR Verified system helps businesses, institutions, public transportation and venue operators detect and reduce the potential spread of unknown viruses among employees, guests and visitors.

Contactless thermal temperature screening

Combining contactless thermal temperature screening sensors with biometric facial recognition software, the VPR Verified system offers a level of public access safety and accuracy that exceeds human-error prone processes.

The temperature check is performed in just under a second, enabling processing of hundreds of people per hour. Single or multiple kiosks can be connected to automatic doors, turnstiles, locks or barriers for access control after testing customers and employees.

VPR Verified system

"Our new VPR Verified system is light years ahead of the alternative handheld devices currently available on the market. First of all, the VPR Verified system is not a handheld device, it’s touchless and in the current environment that is key. Any establishment with more than a hand full of people will benefit from the device’s set it and forget it simple to use features," said Kevin Frija, Chief Executive Officer of VPR Brands LP.

Kevin further stated, "Anyone who wants to best manage temperature checking of people will love this product and so will their customers and staff. The VPR Verified system actually makes compliance cool!"

Automated infrared body temperature screening kiosk

The automated infrared body temperature screening kiosk quickly and efficiently screens all incoming visitors

The automated infrared body temperature screening kiosk quickly and efficiently screens all incoming visitors and employees. Interested buyers have the option to choose from the wall-mounted, table stand, and floor stand models of the system.

The system’s facial recognition software is motion sensor activated and quickly scans each person as they pass in front of the monitor. The VPR Verified system immediately displays the temperature of the scanned person. It shows a green pass in case of normal body temperature or a red fail in case of high body temperature.

Cost-saving, efficient thermal screening system

The VPR Verified system helps eliminate costs on having a dedicated temperature screener and gives anyone entering an office or business facility a visible reminder that they are taking all the necessary precautions to protect their health and safety. The system is perfect for restaurants, gyms, offices, schools, residential and office buildings, retail stores and other establishments.

"As the country gets back to business operations, I think employee and customer safety will be the most important measure in how we transact and interact in the future. This device provides automation in enforcing key safety measures as normal temperature, facial covering, and individual entrant verification,” said Dan Hoff, Chief Operations Officer (COO) at VPR Brands LP.

Data tracking and robust functionality

Dan adds, “It also has robust functionality, alerts, and data tracking as added features. We have used the Verified Personnel Recognition system in our company for 30 days prior to launching and have been impressed with is consistency, convenience, and performance as a safety management tool."

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