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International SOS and Everbridge have announced additional details of their strategic partnership, as well as combined participation at ASIS International 62nd Annual Seminar (ASIS 2016), one of the leading industry events for security professionals taking place September 12th – 15th in Orlando, Florida.

Enhanced Notification Capabilities

As previously announced, organizations will benefit from a powerful integration between International SOS’ TravelTracker and Everbridge’s secure, reliable critical communications platform to communicate key messages to their people during international incidents and risks, such as terrorist attacks, virus outbreaks and other emergencies. As part of this integration, organizations that use International SOS’ TravelTracker will have significantly enhanced multi-modal employee notification capabilities. Organizations will be able to deliver messages to domestic and international travelers as well as international assignees, across SMS, voice, email and other modalities.

"Everbridge’s strategic
partnership with International
SOS enables users to better
communicate with people
based on where they are"

Importance Of Global Communication

"The unpredictable nature of global events today makes safety a top priority for employees on-the-go. Everbridge’s strategic partnership with International SOS enables users to better communicate with people based on where they actually are, or are expected to be, and not just based on where their official office location is,” said Jaime Ellertson, CEO of Everbridge. “Employees are on the move more than ever and need location predictability capabilities; we’re excited to continue to evolve this alliance with an industry leader like International SOS to usher in the next generation of global critical communications and travel risk mitigation solutions.”

We are committed to equipping clients with the tools they need to deliver Duty of Care to their employees,” said Arnaud Vaissié, Chairman and CEO of International SOS. “Integrating the Everbridge platform with TravelTracker provides organizations with a state-of-the-art platform to communicate with their people in times of crisis. Furthermore, the extension and connection built into the Everbridge platform expands our crisis communication capabilities to include both local and traveling employees, while leveraging critical information from TravelTracker. This functionality is absolutely key to the global organization.”

Joint Partnership Activity At ASIS 2016

  • Integration overviews were available in the Everbridge booth at ASIS (#1773) and in the International SOS booth (#1767).
  • International SOS and Everbridge conducted a press conference to highlight the functionality of the integration.

Everbridge became the communication engine of TravelTracker in July.

Users of Everbridge’s Safety Connection™ solution will have access to visibility into employees’ travel itineraries via TravelTracker. This connector between TravelTracker and Safety Connection provides a new data source for Everbridge users to send real-time, location-based notifications to employees based on their expected international travel locations and for TravelTracker customers to expand the breadth of communications available to local employees who may not be traveling.


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