OPTEX RAPID REDFIBER Makes Fiber Optic Perimeter Protection Easier And More Cost-Efficient

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Fiber-optic technology has proven to be extremely stable and reliable for fence PIDS, detecting intruders attempting to climb over, cut through, or crawl under a perimeter. And although the technology was previously considered prohibitive for small or medium-sized perimeters on the perception that it is too expensive and complicated to install, OPTEX, along with Fiber SenSys Inc, one of its group companies, has designed the RAPID REDFIBER series of affordable and easy-to-install kits, encouraging installers not to compromise on quality. 

The packaged systems, or kits, offer cost-effective and high-performance protection in two detection zones, ranging from 75m to 200m each, and also include all the necessary components needed for installation. 

Kit choices include two-channel Alarm Processing Units (APU), one including a PoE/IP module that is integrated with most Video Management Software (VMS) and PSIM platforms, the enclosure box, the pre-connected cable cut to fit 75m, 100m, 150m and 200m zones, the necessary ties to mount the cable on a perimeter, and calibration software. 

Ricky Miwa, Managing Director of OPTEX Europe, says the technology is highly resistant to extreme weather changes: “Fiber sensing cables are unaffected by harsh environments, including UV radiation, moisture, salt or lightning strikes, and distinguish between genuine intruders and nuisance alarms,” he says. 

The RAPID REDFIBER PoE module uses an event code that quickly transmits the alarm or event to the VMS software. As RAPID REDFIBER’s detection system sense an intrusion, the APU activates IP cameras to automatically record an event; whilst the VMS platform ensures any untoward activity can be acted upon immediately. 

“RAPID REDFIBER’s proven high performance rate and low maintenance costs combine to create a very low cost of ownership, making it a reliable and economical solution,” Ricky concludes.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer OPTEX
Control Systems & Kits Yes
Tamper Yes
No of Zones 2
Additional info

REDWALL RAPID REDFIBER™ is a series of affordable and easy-to-install fiber-optic intrusion detection kits to be mounted on fences and includes all parts needed for installation. The two-zone kits have been developed to suit small to medium size perimeters with detection zones not exceeding 200m each. A choice of two Alarm Processing Unit (APU) models, one analog and the other a PoE compliant version that includes an IP module integrated with all major Video Management Software (VMS) platforms, is available, as well as a number of pre-connected cables to fit the length of each detection zone.

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