Dedicated Micros Virtual NVR IP Video Solution

Product Profile

Dedicated Micros Network Video’s Virtual NVR architecture provides the ultimate “fail-safe” completely secure IP video solution, from integrated recording on the IP camera to local USB drive storage and long term archiving to a dedicated network appliance*. Management is completely seamless through the NetVu Connected architecture, enabling the entire system to be controlled from a single user interface, which can be replicated in multiple locations around the estate.


  • Remotely hosted secure, maintained storage
  • Efficient bandwidth management for remote storage solutions
  • 200+ ICR Cameras with Dual Redundant Recording
  • No NVR required / Virtual NVR
  • High performance video wall options
  • Remote management and diagnostics inherent in our systems reduce site visits
  • Latest high speed low cost data lines connect multiple sites and buildings in order to create a single pure IP system. This drives greater efficient through centralized operation management
  • Lower maintenance budgets
  • Closed IPTV - IP cameras can be maintained with no need to reprogram IP addresses, the system can be locked down securely without programming of ports to MAC addresses etc
  • The Virtual NVR - created by the Network and Storage Controller allows a completely flexible storage topography
  • All video can be stored off site across multiple locations if need be, but managed from a single user interface
  • Each camera is a completely self containted server product which will carry on recording even in he event of the network failure
  • All DM Network Video products can be managed remotely = cost saving
  • Embedded SQL database architecture across multiple devices
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Technical Specification

Make Dedicated Micros
Manufacturer Dedicated Micros
Model code Virtual NVR
Software Type IP Surveillance Software
Additional info The Dedicated Micros Virtual NVR offers secure IP video solution from integrated recording on the IP camera to local USB drive storage and long term archiving to a dedicated network appliance. It has remote management and diagnostics built into its system which reduces site vists. It also has efficient bandwidth management for remote storage solutions.
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