LG IrisAccess® 3000 Iris Recognition System

Product Profile

Adding iris recognition to a security environment doesn't have to mean getting rid of everything you've invested in to date - LG IrisAccess® 3000 complements token or PIN-based system to provide a high integrity security overlay that boosts ROI and security efficacy of the security systems already in place.

Even partial measures can add a whole new dimension to your security - most companies want improved security to safeguard both human and physical assets.  But this should not entail a costly overhaul -  LG IrisAccess 3000 integrates easily with standard security infrastructure with Wiegand or serial output, and runs on MS SQL and Oracle databases.  Up to 128 portals can be controlled off one host.  It works in one-to-many search mode, or in 1 to 1 verification mode with many PIN and token-based systems, including a variety of smart-card formats. 

Ideal application for data centres, laboratories, and other sensitive areas - information gathering is key to any enterprise and ensuring proprietary data on your company, your customers and your competition remains confidential is critical.  Laboratories - clean environments need a security system which can provide super security despite protective gear, gloves and goggles - and LG IrisAccess 3000 delivers just that

More accurate, faster, more stable than any other biometric - LG IrisAccess 3000 draws from a feature-rich iris to capture an image (it's just a picture) that digitises 240 degrees of freedom to produce a small 512-byte template to deliver real-time authentication accuracy that is unmatched. 

System enrolment is simple and fast - authentication even faster... - a proximity-activated, voice-prompted, mirror-assisted interface makes for easy enrolment and use.  Enrolment takes less than 2 minutes.  Authentication less than two seconds.  Eyeglasses/contact lenses present no problem for use.

TCP/IP compatible, networkable, and expandable with built-in countermeasures and other security features - LG IrisAccess 3000 has integration flexibility and addresses special operational security concerns in ways no other security system - biometric or otherwise - can match.


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Technical Specification

Make LG Iris
Manufacturer Iris ID, Inc.
Model code IrisAccess® 3000
Series Iris Access® 3000 Series
Standalone/ Networked/ PC PC-based
Additional info Standalone, PC, or via TCP/IP compatible, Network Compatible in a MS SQL or Oracle environment.  Recognition speed: less than 2.0 sec.  Camera control: RS-422 and RJ 59.  Illumination 2 IR LEDs.  Rotation angle: +26 /-18.  Lens: modified x16 zoom.  Scanning system: 2:1 interlace field mode.  Pick-up device: 1/4" black & white CCD.  All components, software, and SDK are produced by LGE.  LG develops the IrisAccess™ line under a technology licensing agreement with Iridian Technologies, Moorestown NJ USA.
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