Compare MIC400ALBUD14618P with VEZ-011-HWCS - pipe  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
Resolution TVL
Sensitivity lux
Dome Type
Continuous Rotation
Continuous Rotation
15 VAC/18 VDC
12 V DC / 24 V AC
Focal length
4.1 ~ 73.8
3.15 ~ 31.5
Back Light Compensation
Auto Gain Control
White Balance
Electronic Shutter range
1/1 ~ 1/10,000
S/ N (Signal/ Noise) Ratio dB
Internal/external (line-lock auto switching)
Signal Mode
Mount Type
Pendant, Surface, Wall
Rotation Angleso
0 ~ 359 Pan, 0 ~ 90 Tilt

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Latest Dome camera case studies

Bosch Stainless Steel CCTV Camera Keeps A Lookout From Portland Bill Lighthouse
Bosch Stainless Steel CCTV Camera Keeps A Lookout From Portland Bill Lighthouse

The camera at Portland Bill was installed by QSG, which has fitted Bosch cameras throughout the UK A rugged, stainless steel CCTV camera from Bosch Security Systems has been installed on a lighthouse in Dorset to enable local volunteers to better monitor the safety of climbers, walkers and craft passing close to the cliff edge.   The National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) team at the Portland Bill lookout station required increased visibility of the area of sea and land closest to the coast and approached Quadrant Security Group to source a suitable device. It had to be sited 40 metres above sea level on the gallery of Portland Bill lighthouse, which overlooks the outermost point of the island’s coast.   John Watts, Deputy Station Manager (Projects) at NCI Coastwatch, Portland Bill, quickly realised that the unique nature of the environment would necessitate a particularly robust model of camera: “Naturally, since the lighthouse is exposed to the elements, I was looking for a camera that could withstand extreme conditions and still deliver good quality images, without any need for constant maintenance.''   “During my search for an appropriate solution I was given the opportunity to visit the Weymouth CCTV control room and test the capabilities of a Bosch MIC camera operating in a harsh seaside environment,” he continues, “and after having seen both the resilient yet compact design and the picture quality for myself, I felt that the model met all of my requirements.”    Bosch’s stainless steel MIC series, an extremely reliable and high quality ruggedized PTZ camera, has been precision engineered to ''At Portland Bill, the camera images are encoded using Bosch codecs and then wirelessly transmitted to the NCI lookout station, which is located half a mile back from the lighthouse...''   exacting standards. Rated to an industry leading IP68 liquid protection, its grade 316L stainless steel housing has corrosion-resistant properties that offer the ultimate protection in harsh environments, including marine applications such as Portland Bill where the air’s high salt content can impair traditional camera units.   The camera at Portland Bill was installed by Quadrant Security Group (QSG), which has fitted Bosch cameras throughout the UK. Russell Kitson, Project Manager at QSG, says that Bosch is especially good at providing technical support when necessary: “The MIC series in particular is a high quality unit, and we had no hesitation in recommending it for this particular application,” Russell says, “Our engineers are familiar with it and know exactly how to set it up and maintain it, and the installation went very smoothly – even with the lighthouse’s gallery being open to the elements!”    The MIC series uses brushless motor technology to enable quiet yet reliable operation, with full 360-degree continuous rotation pan and 270-degree tilt control for exceptional viewing capability. Small increment pan/tilt speeds give the user precise control, which is fundamental for tracking subjects when fully zoomed in. Furthermore, it is compatible with virtually any control equipment, and can seamlessly integrate with the vast majority of security systems.    At Portland Bill, the camera images are encoded using Bosch codecs and then wirelessly transmitted to the NCI lookout station, which is located half a mile back from the lighthouse and has an approximately 270-degree view of the waters surrounding Portland Bill. Paul Wong, Managing Director of Bosch, says that the requirements of this application are exactly those that the MIC series was designed for: “As NCI is a registered charity we were pleased to be able to supply an ideal solution for the needs of the Portland Bill Coastwatch, and fully expect the camera to deliver highly satisfactory results in what is clearly a challenging environment.”   Permission to install the camera was kindly granted to NCI in 2011 by Trinity House, the official General Lighthouse Authority(GLA) for England and Wales, which owns Portland Bill lighthouse. A listed building, the lighthouse was automated in 1996 and is now open to members of the public.

Bosch Security Systems AutoDome Cameras Enhance Security For Netherlands Police Force
Bosch Security Systems AutoDome Cameras Enhance Security For Netherlands Police Force

The last day of April 2013 was a historical date in the Netherlands. Following his mother’s abdication, Prince Willem-Alexander’s swearing-in as the new king means the country once again has a male monarch for the first time in 123 years. As a result, the program for the festivities on this Queen’s Day in Amsterdam was particularly comprehensive. However, this also posed a large challenge for Amsterdam’s police force, who had to monitor the large crowds expected around the castle on the Dam, as well as alongside the route of the celebrations. Another task, of course, was to shield the royal couple and the visitors from any attack. These concerns were justified not only because of the scale of the event, but also because of tragic incidents that occurred on Queen’s Day in the past.     For these reasons, Amsterdam’s police looked for a partner who was able to support them in terms of video surveillance as well as monitoring the streams of visitors. They decided on the Dutch company, Connection Systems, which specializes in the video surveillance of large-scale events and freely moving crowds. Connection Systems was founded in 2000 and has been utilizing Bosch Security Systems solutions from the very beginning.    In order to reinforce the police’s own monitoring network, 75 additional Bosch AutoDome cameras were installed in Amsterdam. These were integrated within the existing security network, and positioned six metres above ground level. In addition, the cameras were connected to 35 UPS boxes that would have maintained operations in the event of a power blackout. The installation of the surveillance system took three weeks and was ready in time for all the rehearsals necessary prior to April 30. This was to ensure that all likely risks during the event were covered, and that the police would always be in full control of the situation.    Connection Systems decided to use Bosch cameras for two major reasons: their robust construction makes them easy to mount and dismount, and the permanent availability of Bosch’s technical support service. Frank Wagemans, Director at Connection Systems, pointed out after the ceremonies that not one event had failed in the company’s history when using this camera solution. Thus, everyone involved in the investiture on April 30 will remember the event as having been run perfectly.     For more information on Bosch AutoDome products, visit

Bosch FlexiDome IP And AutoDome Junior HD Cameras Offer Visual Feedback For Martial Art Center
Bosch FlexiDome IP And AutoDome Junior HD Cameras Offer Visual Feedback For Martial Art Center

 Bosch cameras capture live video of sparring, pattern exercises and provide direct, visual feedback to students Dojang Seeks Visual Feedback System for Students Master Seung’s Taekwondo teaches the martial art to a wide range of students – from children under the age of seven to older students who participate in competitions, even partaking in the Junior World games. The dojang sought a way to better analyze the skills of students and to provide visual feedback that would help them understand and improve their performance. Problem: Dojang Looks to Enhance Coaching Tools Dojang coaches understand the importance of visual feedback when instructing students in the art of Taekwondo Video cameras would require adjustable shutter speeds to clearly capture fast motion of students in action Software must enable easy viewing and annotation of student actions Solution: Bosch FlexiDome IP and AutoDome Junior HD Cameras with Dartfish TV and TeamPro Software Progressive scan technology keeps images sharp and prevents motion blur IP cameras offer automatic or selectable shutter speeds to accommodate a range of scene settings HD PTZ camera enables coaches to zoom in to any part of a scene to examine specific details without losing clarity  Video is easily exported to Dartfish TV and TeamPro software for annotation, analysis and effortless sharing with students Results: Effective Coaching Method Helps Improve Performance  IP and HD cameras with Dartfish TV and TeamPro software enable dojang coaches to capture live video of sparring or pattern exercises and provide direct, visual feedback to students  Video support of verbal direction helps to improve students’ skills  Solution enhances the student experience and helps to set the dojang apart from other local facilities