Nextiva’s® Integrated PSIM™ Technology Suite For Increased Situational Awareness

Product Profile

Nextiva® PSIM™ generates Actionable Intelligence® from vast amounts of data to enhance security effectiveness, while facilitating system management and optimising costs.

Immediate situational awareness and faster response leveraging a intuitive 3D multi-layer user interface, efficient organizational control and management through systemic procedures and standards, contingency planning capabilities for natural disasters and calamities, reduced operational costs through efficient deployment of equipment and resources, and optimized planning and preparedness for situations using virtual simulations alongside debriefing and analysis of real events ensures that Nextiva® PSIM™ will route the right information to the right people at the right time in your organization.

How Does PSIM™ Work?

Nextiva® PSIM™ captures information from a variety of security, safety, and building management systems, enables the fusion of the information for a user to view, correlate, and analyse the information to identify situations quickly and efficiently, and initiate and manage response to the situations in collaboration with local agencies. PSIM™ enables various phases of an incident management cycle, facilitates enhanced situational awareness and response, and is based on an open and scalable architecture.

4-phase Incident Management Cycle:

• Planning: PSIM's™ Scenario Generator lets planners run virtual threat scenarios including crowd behaviour, gas propagation, blast mitigation and floods and more, to determine in advance the response procedures and level of preparedness. Using a 3D geospatial model of the site, PSIM™ helps determine the optimal placement of security equipment.

• Training: Users can train on a single interface providing a unified view across the entire operation. Operators learn to identify and assess consequences of potential situations and are familiarised with the standard policies and procedures of the organization.

• Real-Time Monitoring and Control: By providing real-time monitoring and control for routine operations and emergency situations, pre-defined emergency plans are presented in a separate operational view in the form of procedures, checklists and call trees enabling operators to quickly respond and mitigate the event according to standard policies and procedures.

• Reporting and Debriefing: A built-in reporting tool generates manual, automatic or scheduled reports. Using reports on the various aspects of a given incident, PSIM™ provides vital intelligence about what transpired as well as other variables. Logging and auditing operators' actions lets organizations analyse the process and make potential adjustments for improvement.

Enhanced awareness and response
Nextiva® PSIM™ provides various view formats to enhance awareness and response times.

• A geographic map view allows operators focus on multiple locations in a geographic region simultaneously.

• A multi-site view allows operators to monitor incidents and status at multiple sites simultaneously, interact with different sites through chat, and take control and monitor the sites if necessary.

• Two and three dimensional maps for indoors and outdoors, along with the ability to use multiple layers to represent streets, locations and coverage areas of cameras and other sensors, as well the delineation of threat regions and damage zones allows operators to track incidents and suspects, initiate and manage response, and report on potential escalations or spread of incidents on a real-time basis.

• In addition, industry standard workflows systemically ensure that operators respond to routine and emergency situations based on standard policies and procedures.


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Technical Specification

Make Verint
Manufacturer Verint Systems
Model code Nextiva PSIM
Series PS Series
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Nextiva PSIM gives organizations the ability to plan security layouts, develop policies and procedures and evaluate contingency plans.

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