Analytics-driven Workforce Optimization

Analytics-driven Workforce Optimization

Increasingly, organizations are using analytics to better understand what customers think about their products, s ervices, policies, and service representatives. Analytics offer deep insight into customer behavior and opinions — a critical step that lies at the heart of customer-centric service strategies. When deployed as part of a workforce optimization (WFO) solution, analytics can extend the reach of WFO beyond the contact center, into other areas of the enterprise — including branch, remote, and back-office operations — to enhance the customer experience, drive down costs, and improve competitive advantage.

Verint® Witness Actionable Solutions™ was formed as a result of the company’s successful combination with workforce optimization provider Witness Systems. Verint Witness Actionable Solutions enables organizations to capture and analyze customer interactions, improve workforce performance and optimize service processes in contact center, branch, and back-office operations. With the industry’s broadest portfolio of innovative solutions for customer service analytics, workforce optimization, quality monitoring/full-time recording, workforce management, eLearning, performance management, and customer surveys, Verint Witness Actionable Solutions helps companies uncover business trends, discover the root cause of employee and customer behavior, and power the right decisions to help ensure service excellence and achieve continuous performance improvement across every aspect of customer operations

What's inside?

  • Verint witness actionable solutions
  • Powering actionable intelligence
  • Analytics: an essential tool for customer-centricity
  • A Difference of perspective: inside out and outside in
  • Customer feedback management
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