Tamron New 5 Mega-pixel NIR (Near-IR) Vari-Focal Lens

Product Profile

Tamron Co., Ltd. announces the release of a 1/1.8” 12-50mm F/1.4 5-mega-pixel NIR Vari-Focal Lens (Model: M118VP1250IR).

Demand for IP/network cameras is growing at an unprecedented speed in the security market.  Today’s requirement for high image-quality mandated resolution higher than 5-mega-pixel / Full HD 1080P. 

To address the market need, Tamron has released a ‘Double Vari-Focal’ lens system, a complementary lens-pair solution that powerfully supports major security applications: an M13VG288IR (f=2.8-8mm) lens and an M13VG550IR (f=5-50mm) lens to seamlessly cover the entire focal length range from the wide-angle f=2.8mm to the telephoto-end f=50mm.  Because of the universal angular field of view coverage being addressed between the two, the solution has received exceptionally high recognition in the market.

Demand for large-size 1/1.8” and 1/2” imagers has also grown prominently for surveillance installations in highly populated urban areas, where distinguished resolving power becomes critically important to make the most of the imaging capabilities of 5-megapixel sensors. To address the need, Tamron now releases a new 1/1.8” 12-50mm F/1.4 lens, compatible with the widely-used P-Iris (Model: M118VP1250IR).

Tamron, as an integrated optics manufacturer, progressively pursues development of such high-quality and innovative products.  

  1. NIR Lens Covering Focal Lengths Most Universally Utilised in Telephoto Applications

The new lens delivers high-quality images throughout the most commonly used focal length range of 12-50mm. Expanding the spectrum coverage to NIR region, the lens enhances and assures high-precision and high-efficiency day-and-night surveillance. 

  1. High-Quality NIR Imaging

An ideal lens for day-and-night mega-pixel surveillance with chromatic aberrations well compensated for delivers improved performance in the NIR bandwidth and well-tuned image quality from corner to corner. Tamron’s proprietary optical design with an optimal choice of glass materials backed by high-precision process technology brings an ideal balance in performance to cost. 

  1. Discrete Optical Design Considering Low-Light Conditions

The image circle diameter is expanded to permit compatibility with 1/1.8” imagers widely adopted in the security/surveillance market. A fast aperture of F/1.4 is achieved by a new optical design, while the minimum aperture stops down to close.  The new lens is also compatible with 1/2” and 1/3” imagers. 

  1. Substantial Reduction of Flare and Ghosting

The performance of the new lens has gone through extensive validation processes using state-of-the-art simulation, weighed heavily on specific conditions of a wide variety of surveillance scenes. Disturbing flare and ghosting are attenuated to the minimum and Tamron’s proprietary multi-coating technology is employed to thoroughly reducing flare and ghosting. 

  1. Pursuit of High Utility and High Reliability

In line with Tamron’s product development philosophy for high reliability, proprietary knowledge and manufacturing know-hows have been extensively utilized for the design and manufacturing of the new lens, M118VG1250IR, similar with other Tamron products.

  • Large rotation angle for faster and easier focusing
  • Slip-mount mechanism for faster and easier camera / lens installation and assembly
  • Highly-reliable auto iris mechanism
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Technical Specification

Make Tamron
Manufacturer Tamron Co., Ltd.
Model code M118VP1250IR
Lens Type Varifocal
Zoom type Manual w/Lock
Lens Format inches 1/1.8
Focal Length mm 12 ~ 50
Iris Type Auto Iris
Lens Mount CS
F-Stop F/1.4 ~ Close
Additional info
  • Large rotation angle for faster and easier focusing
  • Slip-mount mechanism for faster and easier camera / lens installation and assembly
  • Highly-reliable auto iris mechanism
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