Promise Pegasus3 Storage Solution Used At Aaron Sims Creative

Promise Pegasus3 Storage Solution Used At Aaron Sims Creative

The Pegasus Raid storage solution is used at Aaron Sims Creative, which caters to the film and television industry, making sure that all the visions that are mentioned on the script come to life in the best and most exciting way.

The TV show ‘Stranger Things’ and the film ‘Wonder Woman’ are two of the projects for which Pegasus3 was used by the company. The solution can handle the rocket-fire needs for the creation of visual effects, and at the same time act as a repository that can store heavier dataflows and projects that remains in the pipeline for a longer period of time.

The Pegasus3 is connected to the SanLink through the whole network is essentially giving the company the ability to handle the footage in the best performance way and allowing everyone to do their work simultaneously.

Before Pegasus, things were way less manoeuvrable. These devices, which can be taken on sets, now sits comfortably in the editing bay or wherever your post-production desk is. There is no need of a server room because you can have the same amount of performance and reliability on a much more manoeuvrable and convenient set.

The Pegasus solution keeps the data secure and ensures it keeps working perfectly well. The advantages of this solution can be extracted into different situations like a film shoot or a photo shoot. It can be also useful in handing over the datasets to clients and vendors.    

The Pegasus3 will keep the data safe, consistent and also ensure that it will never get lost or damaged.