HID GoID Government Mobile ID Solution - A New Era Of Convenience And Security

Product Profile

HID goID™ platform for mobile IDs delivers the secure infrastructure to allow citizen IDs to be safely provisioned to and authenticated on a smartphone. HID goID™ allows smartphones to be used for identification purposes, but also for transactions in ways not possible with an ID card.

HID goID™ Impacts Travel

A smartphone using HID goID™ enhances a citizen’s day-to-day experience. Imagine how HID goID™ can impact travel. Today, citizen’s use a national ID or driver’s license at the airport for domestic travel, but also carry a boarding pass separately on a phone or a piece of paper. With HID goID™, the two converge – providing greater security, convenience and flexibility for both the citizen and the authenticating party. Rather than in wallets, IDs can now be securely stored on smartphones.

Customized Details

HID goID™ can be customized to only release relevant information so citizens can control when and how much information is shared, allowing them to protect their privacy. For example, when a citizen is purchasing age-restricted goods, they only need to provide their photo and age – none of the other personal information loaded on a physical driver’s license needs to be shared.

Other HID goID™ advantages include the ability to renew or modify the driver’s licenses and other ID credentials remotely, saving citizens from traveling and waiting in a crowded office environment. This is also good news for government agencies, who can do their jobs more efficiently.

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Technical Specification

Make HID
Manufacturer HID Global
Model code goID
Photo ID Yes
Central / Remote Monitoring Yes
Additional info
  • Facilitates the delivery of citizen centric services, building trust and convenience
  • Allows the quick, efficient and secure issuance, modification or revocation of mobile IDs
  • Improves law enforcement interaction with citizens
  • Prevents counterfeiting through electronic authentication
  • Works across multiple platforms and operating systems
  • Opens the door to new revenue opportunities
  • Can be easily and securely verified, both online and offline
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