TDSi’s New Facial Recognition Reader

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TDSi, a global leader in access control systems for all sizes of businesses and organizations has launched its exciting new facial recognition reader.

The new facial recognition reader is a highly secure, rapid and reliable method of controlling access to sensitive or restricted areas, without the need for traditional security cards or tokens. By doing away with identification tokens, user profiles can be added (or removed) quickly and efficiently with no additional costs once the system is installed. The system can easily be added to existing or planned security and surveillance systems to maximize return on investment.

The reader can store up to 500 users and can verify a user in less than one second. It is also highly reliable, operating in virtually all light conditions and has a False Acceptance Rate (FAR) of less than 0.0001%, whilst maintaining stringent access control.

TDSi Managing Director, John Davies comments: "Facial Recognition really raises the bar with regards to access control as it provides high levels of security whilst making the process simpler, faster and more convenient for the user. As with many of our products, facial recognition can be particularly useful as a specific part of a fully integrated security network."

TDSi's facial recognition reader is perfect for enabling access to sensitive areas where specific users need a flexible and easy-to-use method of entry, such as a laboratory for example. Davies adds, "By adding a further layer of security to the mix an unauthorized person is far less likely to be able to gain access to highly secure areas, even if they have managed to pass through the perimeter security by the theft of a security card."

For further details please visit TDSi's homepage.

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Technical Specification

Make TDSi
Manufacturer TDSi
Model code Facial recognition reader
Reader Type Biometric
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