Optelecom-NKF Launched Operator Office™ PC Viewing Client Software

Product Profile

Operator Office™ is the front-end interface for Optelecom-NKF's growing suite of integrated IP video products for networked security applications.  This new software application enables centralised monitoring and PTZ control of CCTV/Surveillance cameras from multiple sites.

  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
  • Recording and snapshot facilities
  • Emulated PTZ support

Operator Office™ allows simultaneous viewing of 1 to 16 high-quality video images on one or two screens.  It features multiple video streams, two-way CD quality audio for PA systems or intercom, alarm handling, and PTZ control.  In addition, it supports a virtually unlimited number of Optelecom-NKF video codecs.
The intuitive user interface is modeled after the familiar Windows look and feel, including drag & drop camera selection and mouse-controlled PTZ.  To further enhance the user experience, the software supports map-based camera selection with individual maps for each level of the tree structure.  A single mouse click activates recording of live images, storing the video stream including pre-alarm footage.  Recorded streams can be replayed locally or exported for viewing in standard PC video player applications.

Operator office™ PC viewing client software offers the operator a powerful efficient tool for networked security applications, to aid in safety, security and remote monitoring.

Software is an essential component of Siqura™, a new platform for building integrated networked surveillance systems. Siqura™ was introduced at IFSEC 2006.

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Technical Specification

Make Siqura
Manufacturer Siqura B.V.
Model code Operator Office
Software Type Monitoring Software
Additional info Operator Office™ PC software enables the operator IP surveillance in an intuitive and comprehensive overview.
The software allows the operator to simultaneously view up to four live streaming images on a standard PC. The cameras are shown in both an orderly tree-view and laid out in graphical map representation. It supports
Optelecom-NKF’s C-series and S-series codecs/servers for both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Operator Office™ features alarm/event handling, audio, instant recording, export recorded video and snapshots. This helps to facilitate the operator to act effectively and efficiently, especially in mission-critical situations.
The software offers event-driven scripts to aid the operator in his job.
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