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A complete video surveillance system at a glance

TKH Security Solutions' DIVA is an IP-based video management system equipped with an array of video analytics for detecting and classifying objects, including faces and license plates. Since operators often require different features and functionalities, it is possible to configure the DIVA user-interface and video wall layout to fit the needs of each specific user profile. Moreover, DIVA’s failover server monitors a specified list of servers. If no response is received from one of the servers, the failover server takes on the settings of that server and starts to function as that server. Several failover servers can be defined to monitor different groups of active servers, ultimately guaranteeing the reliability and availability of the entire system.

Only one camera streams Ethernet signals directly over coax, fiber, or Cat 5

The recently released Siqura BC620WDR from TKH Security Solutions is the only camera on the market that offers an integrated adaptor for Ethernet over coax, in addition to interface options for streaming IP directly over fiber optic or Cat 5 cables. Additionally, the BC620WDR contains the Seawolf DPS image sensor from Pixim, which processes each pixel individually. This ensures extremely clear images in outdoor applications and difficult lighting situations, where, for example, sun reflections might obstruct monitoring and analytics. Based on an advanced new platform that puts entire video analytics and multistream encoding systems in stand-alone devices at the edge of the network, the BC620WDR innovatively meets the industry-wide demand to upgrade legacy systems.

At the ISC West 2012 trade show, the BC620WDR received the New Product Showcase Judges’ Choice Award, a highly coveted product recognition award from the Security Industry Association. SIA NPS selected the Siqura BC620WDR for this reputable award due to its unique approach to a security solution.

“The Siqura BC620WDR from TKH Security Solutions is a great example of bringing innovation to the marketplace,” said SIA NPS Chair Jennifer Martin.

Centralised security management solution

An iProtect™ Security Management System from TKH Security Solutions offers a highly reliable and fully integrated Web-based security management system for access control, camera surveillance, intrusion detection, parking management, intercom communication, and time and attendance registration. Users can manage their iProtect™ system from anywhere in the world using a personalized user interface via a standard Web browser. Using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, iProtect™ encrypts the data traffic between the system hub and the workstations, thereby ensuring the safety of the system and all its material.

Security management based on market standards

TKH Security Solutions has also introduced Fore!, a fully integrated security management system for access control, camera surveillance, and intercom communication. Fore! is based on the ONVIF, Wiegand, and SIP standards, thereby making it possible to automatically detect devices on the network. Fore! also allows users to access the client application via mobile devices, such as a tablet, PC, or smartphone. Fore! is a software-only solution, ensuring that it is easy to install, configure, and use.

Customized access control

Sirius offers an access control solution that ensures reliable and scalable systems. In addition to automatic visitor registration, attendance reports, and verifiable entrance badges, Sirius includes features such as interactive maps and timed anti-pass-back security cards. The Sirius access control solution grants access to a maximum of 100,000 people using an unlimited number of readers. At IFSEC, TKH Security Solutions introduced a new product line of innovative card readers and a full range of mechanical access solutions. The new card readers are NFC compatible, consume very little energy, and include a unique power management functionality.

Vertical-specific security software

With legacy alarm and communication systems in place all over the world, there is a high demand for customized software that can centralize a security system as well as facilitate system upgrades. TKH Security Solutions offers FlinQ, a software interface program that is tailored to specific market verticals, including critical infrastructure and financial applications. FlinQ provides a scalable and modular solution based on open standards, allowing users to select only the system components they need and to easily integrate their software package into existing networks. Besides multi-touch and multi-lingual options for easy interaction with the user interface, FlinQ also supports remote access via mobile devices, so users can manage their system anywhere, anytime. Ultimately, FlinQ builds bridges between users and their diverse networks comprising access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and intercom communication equipment and puts security systems on the right track to start integrating and utilizing the latest IP security technologies.

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Technical Specification

Make Siqura
Manufacturer Siqura B.V.
Model code DIVA VMS
Software Type IP Surveillance Software
Additional info

The Siqura® DIVA Video Management Solution for IP-based devices offers built-in intelligence for VCA including facial recognition and license plate recognition for security applications. In combination with Siqura's IP cameras and codecs, Siqura DIVA offers the perfect solution for situations, including perimeter and homeland security, theft and vandalism prevention, and intrusion detection.

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