IDTECK Access Control Video Surveillance Management System - IDWATCH SOFTWARE

Product Profile

IDTECK has recently released iDWATCH integrated management software, which provides high level of security by integrating video surveillance with access control system.

iDWATCH Series is a total security software package that supports real-time confirmation of the access control status with visual monitoring and guarantees a high level of security at low installation cost. Access control events and video images are both stored on the PC hard drive, where the integrated management software is installed, and DVR to preserve the data safely and also make it easy to search the video images.

iDWATCH Series provides easy and smart search functions such as searching data by event categories, event conditions and remote integrated monitoring support for multi site management. Moreover, the software supports high system expandability and smooth integration with other systems such as alarm & fire panel integration. This software also provides various total security solutions for businesses of various sizes.

  • Expandable modular system for large-size business (iDWATCH VIEW PRO)

iDWATCH VIEW PRO can be easily added on to access control (STARWATCH ENTERPRISE & STANDARD) and time & attendance (STARWATCH TIME PRO & TIME BASIC) management software.

  • DVR and management software distributed system for medium-size business (iDWATCH IAD PRO)

iDWATCH IAD PRO I/II supports the networking of multiple DVRs (Distributed installation of DVR and management software) with the access controller for medium/ large business management and allows multi-site management and monitoring using the server/ client support.

  • DVR and management software all-in-one system for small-size business (iDWATCH IAD BASIC)

iDWATCH BASIC I/II is an integrated security management software package, which is designed to centrally monitor video surveillance and access control; suitable for small-size businesses. This software is offered in a standalone system (DVR with embedded management software) and when installing several DVRs, it allows integrated video monitoring using the iDWATCH CMS.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer IDTECK Co., Ltd.
Series iDWATCH Series
Software Type Management Software
Additional info iDWATCH VIEW PRO is designed to increase the security level as it provides more precise attendance check as access control and Time & Attendance management software are integrated with video surveillance (DVR integration). This add on software can be easily added on to access control (ENTERPRISE & STANDARD) and Time & Attendance (TIME PRO & TIME BASIC) management software.
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