Security Center: Unified Security Platform

Product Profile

The Security Center is a unified security platform that seamlessly blends Genetec’s IP video surveillance, access control and license plate recognition systems within a single innovative solution.

Some Benefits of the Security Center:

Unify your operations

Offers customers a truly unified approach to managing their security and public safety operations. True unification means that every aspect of your security operations is consolidated under a single platform, from real-time monitoring to alarm management, reporting, and playback of events. Though flexible enough to run as either an access-only, LPR-only or video-only interface, the Security Center truly comes to life in multi-application environments.

Simplify your workflows

The basic operating principle behind the Security Desk is to simplify the operator’s job. Through innovative concepts such as operator-initiated tasks, a dynamically adaptive interface, and context-sensitive widgets, operators are given the right functionality to perform their duties at the right time, while removing unnecessary items that typically clutter an interface.

Empower your operators

Operators can intuitively generate reports, monitor remote and local cameras, and track cardholders and assets with the single click of a mouse button on a workstation, from a touch screen, or even a mobile device. Given that the interface is adapted to only the tasks that are pertinent to each operator, users quickly become familiar with the system’s functionalities through self-learning, thus allowing for increased autonomy and confidence within your team.

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Technical Specification

Make Genetec
Manufacturer Genetec, Inc.
Model code Security Center
Software Type IP Surveillance Software
Additional info

The Security Center is a unified security platform that seamlessly blends Genetec's IP video surveillance, access control and license plate recognition systems within a single innovative solution. The Security Center consolidates and standardises the common aspects of security operations such as real-time event and video monitoring, advanced reporting, and alarm management, and makes them easily accessible via a unique client application called the Security Desk.


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