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Genetec Inc. is an innovative technology company with a broad solutions portfolio that encompasses security, intelligence, and operations. The company's flagship product, Security Center, is an open-architecture platform that unifies IP-based video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), communications, and analytics. Genetec also develops cloud-based solutions and services designed to improve security, and contribute new levels of operational intelligence for governments, enterprises, transport, and the communities in which we live. Founded in 1997, and headquartered in Montréal, Canada, Genetec serves its global customers via an extensive network of resellers, integrators, certified channel partners, and consultants in over 80 countries.

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Genetec, Inc. news

Unified Approach With OPTEX sensors And Genetec RSA Surveillance Module To Enhance Airport Perimeter Security

One of the key problems in airport security is the sheer size of the perimeter and a large number of incidents are in fact linked to unauthorized access onto the airfield, either runways or where aircrafts are being loaded or refueled posing an extremely high risk. Most airports will combine multiple sensors and technologies to protect the actual perimeter fence and even beyond the perimeter fence, to warn of potential threats. OPTEX LiDAR sensor integration with RSA module Some airports have found the level of information generated by the perimeter security systems quite challenging to deal with and they wanted to decrease the number of events so operators could focus on what was critical. The Airport development team at Genetec integrated the OPTEX LiDAR sensor into their Restricted Security Area (RSA) Surveillance module, an extension of the Genetec Security Center platform with the purpose to unify data from the sensor and camera to present more meaningful information to the operators.  Restricted Security Area Surveillance module The RSA module has been designed specifically with a view to providing wide area protection The RSA module has been designed specifically with a view to providing wide area protection and integrating with wide area surveillance technology, including radar, fiber optic and laser detection devices. The solution allows security staff to determine the level of threat for each area, map them, and utilize OPTEX technologies to identify and locate quickly and precisely the point of intrusion. For instance, with Fiber optic fence sensor, zones can be 100m-200m long and will identify people cutting through a fence, crawling under or climbing over. Newer fiber technologies provide point location. Another way to pin-point exact intruder location is with OPTEX LiDAR technologies or with Radar. ‘Fuse’ data into a single event A particularly intelligent feature of the system is its ability to ‘fuse’ data (known as ‘target fusion’) coming from multiple sources and confirm an event as a single (i.e. the same) activity rather than a multiple threat. For instance, using the X&Y coordinates provided by OPTEX REDSCAN sensors, RSA allows to map exactly the path of the intruders or moving vehicles, fuses the path from one camera to the other and considers it as one event, one target and tracks it precisely on the map. Intelligent Tracking and event categorization This gives a more meaningful picture to the operator and presents events in a unified and intelligent way. This helps support the security team in making the right decisions. The deeper integration of OPTEX’s technologies into Genetec’s RSA platform enables intelligent tracking and event categorization, making it a very precise security system for airports.

Dahua Technology Installs HD CCTV Cameras With Smart Analytics Using AI To Secure Iconic Battle Of Britain Bunker

An important heritage site which played a key role in protecting the UK during World War II is itself being made safe and secure with the installation of a comprehensive and fully integrated security system, including more than 75 Dahua HD CCTV cameras. Battle of Britain Bunker The Battle of Britain Bunker is an underground operations room in Uxbridge, formerly used by No. 11 Group Fighter Command during the Second World War, most notably in the Battle of Britain and on D-Day. The operations room was one of the key parts of the world’s first integrated defense system, which linked Fighter Command with Anti-Aircraft Command, Barrage Balloon Command, the Observer Corps, radar, and the intelligence services. The site is run by Hillingdon Council as a heritage attraction with a museum and a visitor center. Fully integrated security solution DSSL Group installed more than 75 Dahua HD CCTV cameras linked to a Genetec Security Center VMS DSSL Group completed a full analysis of the existing CCTV and intruder alarm systems, with the aim of creating a fully integrated security solution, to enhance the security around the site, reduce manned security costs, and speed up remote security and police response times. Using the existing wireless network also designed by them across the borough, DSSL Group installed more than 75 Dahua HD CCTV cameras linked to a Genetec Security Center video management system (VMS), as well as Axis IP PA speakers externally. All cameras are viewable by management and the security team on site, and also from Hillingdon Council’s main CCTV control room. Surveillance cameras with smart analytics using AI External cameras are equipped with smart analytics using AI, to help secure the perimeter of the site. In 2018, a state-of-the-art wireless CCTV system consisting of more than 1,000 Dahua HD cameras, along with Dahua NVRs, XVRs and control and viewing equipment, was installed across the borough by DSSL Group. More recently, an additional 1,000 Dahua HD cameras have been added to the council's network making it 2,000 in total. In addition to the cameras, DSSL Group installed a Honeywell Galaxy 62-zone intruder alarm system which feeds back to a central monitoring station and is also integrated with the VMS. Dahua CCTV system installed Cllr Richard Lewis, Hillingdon Council’s Cabinet Member for Cultural Services, Culture and Heritage, said “The Battle of Britain Bunker is one of Hillingdon’s treasured heritage sites. It played a pivotal role in the Second World War, and it’s important that we keep it protected. Dahua CCTV system will help us to do that with their state-of-the-art system and high performing cameras.”

Hanwha And Genetec Help Planet Fitness Boost Security And Performance

Recently, Planet Fitness, with the help of their preferred system integrator Adirondack Direct, incorporated a video surveillance solution from Hanwha Techwin and Genetec that not only enhances security, but also improves operations. When leadership evaluated security at their 70-plus corporate run locations a few years ago, they chose to incorporate a video surveillance solution that would address security needs and would be advanced enough to help with management and operations.  Each of Planet Fitness’ corporate-owned clubs throughout North America is outfitted with approximately eight to 15 video cameras that provide around the clock coverage of the parking lot, lobby, break room, the fitness area where members workout and other key areas – without invading private areas, such as locker rooms and other intimate spaces. After issuing a Request for Proposal, Planet Fitness Senior Vice President of Corporate Club Operations Jim Esposito said they tested several of the leading camera and video management software (VMS) solutions, but ultimately decided on Hanwha video surveillance cameras managed by the Genetec Security Center platform. Esposito said they wanted to use Hanwha’s 360-degree cameras in particular because they provide more coverage, yet they save in hardware expenses because fewer cameras are needed. 360-degree fisheye camera Hanwha’s SNF-8010 5 MP 360-degree fisheye camera provides 5MP at 20FPS which captures smoother video at a higher framerate with true day and night function. Built-in on-camera de-warping allows instant access to PTZ, quad view, and panorama views. Alarm triggers for the Hanwha SNF-8010 include intelligent motion detection, audio detection, tampering detection, alarm input and network disconnection.Adirondack Direct also offers a 24-hour monitoring service and liaisons with law enforcement when needed A typical system setup at Planet Fitness includes placing cameras 25 feet from the wall and 50 feet apart which provides almost 2,000 square feet of coverage per camera. Club managers, regional managers and corporate employees manage the system via the Genetec Security Center which provides convenient bookmarks of recorded incidents so that – instead of time spent searching through video – events are already tagged. Adirondack Direct also offers a 24-hour monitoring service and liaisons with law enforcement when needed. “We knew that Planet Fitness would need thousands of video surveillance cameras for this project and it’s very important to consider reliability and functionality as well as durability,” said Adirondack Direct Director of Security and Technology, Tim Collins. “Hanwha has the lowest customer return number and that means that they manufacture products that aren’t sidelined by constant replacement and repairs.” Collins said Adirondack Direct has long recommended Genetec’s Security Center for video surveillance management because it provides the best open-architecture platform, robust features and is easy to use. Security Center blends IP security systems within a single intuitive interface to simplify operations and empowers organizations through enhanced situational awareness, unified command and control and connectivity to the cloud. When a Lunk Alarm is pressed, Genetec’s Security Center creates a bookmark of the event which provides video evidence of what preceded the alarm and how it was managed Business intelligence  While the Hanwha-Genetec solution has provided an excellent security system – as well as protection against liability for slip and fall incidents – it’s also improved operations in multiple ways by providing invaluable business intelligence, said Esposito. Planet Fitness has a judgement-free environment for individuals who want to work out, but don’t want to have to endure the negatives so often found in gyms: loud grunts, the clanging of dropped weights and aggressive behavior. Anyone engaging in obnoxious behavior will likely be the recipient of a Lunk Alarm and the flashing lights, sirens and unwanted attention that accompanies it.Use of the Lunk Alarm – or lack of use – can be an indicator of how the club is operating Use of the Lunk Alarm – or lack of use – can be an indicator of how the club is operating. In order to monitor and evaluate use of the Lunk Alarms, Adirondack Direct has integrated the Lunk Alarm into the Hanwha-Gentec video solution. When a Lunk Alarm is pressed, Genetec’s Security Center creates a bookmark of the event which provides video evidence of what preceded the alarm and how it was managed. Potential medical emergencies Gyms typically have automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in the event a member suffers a medical emergency. At Planet Fitness facilities outfitted with the Hanwha-Genetec solution, once an AED is removed from its cabinet, a sensor is activated to shut off the music in the club to provide a calmer atmosphere. The system also creates a bookmark in the VMS and notifies managers and regional managers that an AED has been deployed. The Hanwha-Genetec Planet Fitness solution also provides key employee analysis that can help managers identify areas of improvement. Each facility has rubber floors that must be cleaned daily and Adirondack Direct has placed a sensor on a floor scrubber that creates a bookmark and recording in Security Center when the device is moved. Video evidence verifies whether the floor was actually cleaned or if the scrubber was just relocated. Break room sensors Each break room is outfitted with a sensor that creates a video bookmark every time the door is opened. If an employee visits too often, Planet Fitness management can reorient that employee on the proper policies and procedures. For day to day efficiencies, video analytics can be a valuable tool. If an employee is constantly leaving the front desk to go to a storage closet for a particular item, they can make changes including moving the item closer to the front desk. “If during an overnight shift the camera indicates that there was no motion at the front desk for a prolonged period of time, then that’s a problem,” said Esposito. “We expect someone to be in that position greeting and welcoming members so if someone isn’t there, the video can help us understand why.”If an employee visits the break room too often, Planet Fitness management can reorient that employee on the proper policies and procedures A big question for Planet Fitness – that can be answered via video analytics – is have they been losing sales opportunities without realizing it? “What we’re exploring now is a virtual line that counts the number of people that come and go in the club,” said Esposito. “We know how many people check in. So, if a club checks in 500 people in a day, but there are 600 people that enter the door, that can be lost revenue.” Esposito said they chose Hanwha cameras and the Genetec platform because they knew that they needed a solution that was at the forefront of technology, with the flexibility to grow with them and meet their future needs. He added the solution delivers a safe environment that is appreciate by everyone. “It’s somewhat of a security blanket for our members and employees,” he said. “They appreciate our no intimidation mantra and the fact that we have created this safe and secure environment that offers a judgement free zone where people can do their own thing.”