Combined With Non-host Dependant, Fully Distributed Processing Controllers, WinDSX Provides Total Access Control

Product Profile

WinDSX is a powerful access control and system monitoring application that harnesses the power of the Windows XP, Vista, and 7 Professional™ operating systems. WinDSX combines point monitoring and access control with Photo ID Badging, Time and Attendance, Alarm Graphics, DVR/NVR Integration, Elevator Control, Alarm Email/Text Message Notification, Threat Level Management, HazMat / Emergency Lockdown, and FIPS/TWIC card compatibility.

WinDSX can support your access control needs from a single PC or multi-user Local Area Network to an enterprise solution with SQL Server as the database engine. The system utilizes TCP/IP network communications to provide user interaction and real time monitoring to the workstation PC's located anywhere on the LAN or WAN. Password protection allows for operator specific capabilities at each workstation.

There are two Editions of Software. WinDSX comes standard with a Microsoft Access database engine. WinDSX SQL is designed to work with Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine. Both editions of WinDSX have similar features and capabilities. Microsoft SQL Server is user supplied.

WinDSX implements Point and Click operation with hierarchical tree views and pop up menus for ease of use. I/O monitoring and control is achieved through animated icons that depict the real time status of each input or output. I/O points can also be assigned to an Override Group to allow for multiple inputs and outputs to be monitored and controlled from a single icon.

Scheduled Overrides can be assigned to individual Inputs and Outputs as well as Override Groups. These schedules allow operators to quickly assign time and date sensitive instructions determining the open/secure status of outputs and the armed state of inputs.

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Technical Specification

Make DSX
Manufacturer DSX Access Systems, Inc.
Model code WinDSX software
Max No. of Doors per System 128
Time & Attendance Yes
Elevator Control Yes
Guard Tours Yes
Integration DVR/NVR
Accessories Photo ID Badging / Time & Attendance Software
Additional info WinDSX is a 32-bit access control application that monitors and controls with integral Photo ID Badging, Guard Tour, Time and Attendance, Alarm Graphics and much more. WinDSX can run on a single PC or on a multi-user LAN. Graphic alarm maps can be configured to provide detailed information about any I/O point in the system. The system can import cardholder images from a file, capture images from a live video source, or work with any device providing a TWAIN interface. The system accommodates signature pads, finger print scanners, bar codes, and magnetic stripe encoding. Custom history reports can be defined choosing any combination of locations, doors, events, and cardholders providing as general or specific of a report as needed.
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