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Canan Inc. is a provider of computer networking and integration services for businesses and homeowners. The company offers offers services for CCTV, access control devices, remote video monitoring, live video streaming, DVRs, dome cameras, alarms, motion detectors and more.

A leading provider of Security Integration/Intercom Systems, Electrical Services and Automation specializing in Alarm/Monitoring, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), Access Control, Phone/Intercom, Electrical and Automation Solutions. We offer 24/7 monitoring of your burglary alarm/fire alarm system. Our monitoring centers are certified by Underwriter's Laboratories of Canada (ULC) providing "real time" remote viewing from PC or smartphone.

Based in Winter Garden, Florida, Candela Controls, Inc. is a nationally recognized company providing complex, turn-key solutions for integrated lighting and lighting control systems. Candela Controls specialises in combining the latest cutting edge technologies to meet or exceed today’s residential and commercial needs. Candela Controls is involved with multiple award winning projects across North America, South America, Europe, and far East.

CandS Pro is a professional CCTV sale and maintenance firm in the security and surveillance field, based in Titusville, FL.

Created in 2009, Canna Security America is a DSC certified installer and installs commercial-grade CCTV camera systems. The company offers commercial-grade equipment installed by certified technicians. Canna Security America installs all of its systems cleanly, to code, correctly, and in a professional manner.

CannaBeSecure provides cannabis industry clients with end-to-end security services, including consulting, armored transport, video surveillance, cloud video storage, theft investigation, access control, and more.

Cannabis Security is a long-standing industry leader in electronic security and digital video solutions. Their blend of expertise in technology, installation, and after-sales services makes them a pioneer in cannabis facility security and compliance. They also provide customized security solutions in the fields of video surveillance, access control, intrusion alarm systems, and cloud hosted access control.

CannaGuard Security specializes in engineering custom security systems specifically for the cannabis industry in all current and future marijuana-legal markets. The company works to ensure all federal, state and local laws and regulations are met in facilities catering to the medical and recreational use of marijuana. CannaGuard’s robust security systems and smartphone app makes it easier to monitor activities and employees at your business.

Canscan Inc. is a globally renowned provider of technology and software solutions, based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Canscan develops AI driven systems that use existing infrastructure to optimize container handling processes and speed-up workflow.

Capture Technologies Inc., an independent VAR, sells and services a range of product areas such as access control, voice logging, dictation, embossing and identification systems. The company is a resource for clients spanning the financial, public safety, legal services and healthcare sectors.

Care Security Systems delivers high-level integrated security systems to a wide range of organisations throughout the nation, as well as international locations - including commercial development corporations, government and transportation agencies.

Carrier provides a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial systems, including fire and carbon monoxide detection, alarm signaling, incident management, evacuation, monitoring; fire, gas and water mist suppression, fire and gas safety solutions, and HVAC. They also offer access control and event monitoring, electronic locks and video management.

Casla PC World specializes in providing high quality security cameras and digital video recording components for homes or businesses. The company is also an industry leader in access control and security management solutions.

Castillo Technologies provides integrated security solutions (CCTV, access control and alarms) for commercial and federal clients. It builds large scale enterprise IP based CCTV and video storage systems to handle over 500 IP cameras.

Castle Defense 360 Security was established due in part to the increase in criminal and terrorist activity. The company believes in the absolute essential need for security solutions that provide services far beyond the traditional security guard and other security related service. Castle Defense offers home protection, access control and surveillance as well as perimeter breach services.

Caterpillar Inc. is a renowned provider of wireless communication and networking solutions for construction and mining applications. They also provide wireless technologies, including GPS systems for drones and other unmanned vehicles for largely industrial applications.

CCTVMICRO is a CCTV installer and distributor based in Southern California. CCTVMICRO professionally install the latest ‘Commercial-Grade’ High Definition security camera systems for home or business, featuring remote access via smartphone, tablet or computer, which can be viewed from anywhere, any place, at any time.

CDW is a multi-brand technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare customers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. They provide cloud security and infrastructure solutions.

Based in New York, USA, Centennial Security Integration, Inc. is a security solutions installer. The company provides integrated network based physical security solutions, IP network video surveillance systems, legacy closed circuit surveillance systems, integrated access control systems, building intercommunication, intruder and fire alarms, biometrics and perimeter detection for all commercial and government customers.

Since 1939, Central Alarm Inc. has been providing safety and protection to homes and businesses in Tucson and Southern Arizona. They also provide a full range of Guard and Patrol services to their customers to fully support any of their security needs.

Central Security offers a range of security solutions like alarm & burglar systems, access control, digital video recording (DVR), intercom systems, guard services, 24 hour ULC monitoring for burglar & fire, vehicle tracking / fleet management systems as well as helping retail loss prevention with EAS Systems (Electronic Article Surveillance), RFID, Tags, gates, Customer tracking solutions.

Centrify delivers Zero Trust Security through the power of Next-Gen Access. Centrify verifies every user, validates their devices, and limits access and privilege. Centrify also utilizes machine learning to discover risky user behavior and apply conditional access, without impacting user experience. Centrify’s Next-Gen Access is the only industry-recognized identity and access management solution that uniquely converges IDaaS, EMM and PAM.

Cepton Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2016 with the mission of developing industry-leading 3D sensing solutions for automotive, industrial and mapping applications. Cepton's patented Micro Motion Technology (MMT) delivers unrivaled performance and resolution at a low cost to enable advanced perception for smart machines.

Champion Solutions Group is a provider of Virtualization & Cloud, Security, Data Center (Storage, Networking, Converged / Hyper-Converged), Data Management, Mobility, Windows 10 and Professional Services.

Channeltivity is a partner relationship management software platform that helps companies build strong relationships, optimize partner productivity and support new sales. They provide a wide range of software solutions, such as Channel Management Software, Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Software, Partner Portal Software and Security Software.

Charleston Security Systems, LLC provides home security systems, CCTV camera system installations and home alarm monitoring solutions including Total Connect from Honeywell. No contract required!

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