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Vanderbilt, an ACRE company, is a global provider of state-of-the-art security solutions encompassing access control, video and integrated systems management. Its innovative approach is central to designing systems that make environments safe, secure and easy to maintain.

Vanderbilt products range from simple cloud-based systems to highly customized security applications that fit the unique requirements of leading multi-national corporations. 

Its North American portfolio includes the ACT365 Cloud-based Access Control and Video Management Solution, lite blue® and bright blue® Web-based Intelligent Access Management systems, SMS Enterprise Security Management System, and integrated or stand-alone enterprise Video Solutions.

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Vanderbilt Industries US news

Redlands Unified School District Enhances Lockdown Capabilities With Vanderbilt System, Von Duprin RU And Schlage AD Electronic Locks

Redlands Unified School District, located in San Bernardino Country, California, hosts more than 21,000 students across its 16 elementary schools, four middle schools and four high schools. School security is paramount for the district. It’s taken extra precautions, including a focus on lockdown procedures across its locations and the district office. K-12 school security can be challenging, especially with the uniqueness of Redlands High School. It’s an older facility that was constructed more than 100 years ago. Additionally, students must walk outside to pass from building to building, and there’s a street that cuts through campus. A crosswalk is needed to get from one end to the other. The district needed to take all of this into account when assessing their security plan. Securing every layer The district’s security team took into consideration each physical layer that needed protection The district’s security team took into consideration each physical layer that needed protection at Redlands High School, from the district level to the classroom and many openings in between. Yet, there was a common area that needed addressed. There’s a fence around the campus to protect the property perimeter. And Redlands High School is extending that fence to include the cross walk, which will help funnel guests into a single point of entry, the main office. Schlage AD Series electronic locks This opening, as well as many other perimeter openings that lead into offices, gyms, auditoriums, libraries and hallways in the school feature Schlage AD Series electronic locks that are connected to the district’s access control system. At the classroom layer, each door has mechanical hardware that can be locked from the inside. Redlands School District has started district-wide implementation of a full-feature enterprise access control system through Vanderbilt, which is capable of operating across different schools, campuses and other locations. RedRock Security and Cabling, Inc. (RedRock Technologies) had implemented and continue to support the solution. Electronic access control “When these systems are managed district-wide, schools have the ability to lock down a door at a time, a school at a time or an entire district at a time,” said Jennifer Martin, Director of System Sales at Vanderbilt, adding “It’s all about protecting the students.” With electronic access control on main points of entry and many assembly areas, plus secure mechanical locks on classroom doors, Redlands High School had most of the layers prepared in the event of a lockdown event. However, the school’s cafeteria, Terrier Hall, was a vulnerable space. “Hundreds of students use Terrier Hall,” said James Fotia, Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation at Redlands Unified School District, adding “In a lockdown situation, that’s a place where we would secure the kids and keep them safe by clustering them into that area and having it locked down. But it was secured by one AD-400 lock on a pair of double doors. That was incomplete.” Von Duprin RU retrofit option Allegion representatives recommended a new K-12 security solution from Von Duprin To demonstrate how the school could affordably secure big banks of doors without having a reader on each opening, Allegion representatives recommended a new K-12 security solution from Von Duprin. The Von Duprin RU retrofit option is a cost-effective solution for openings with existing exit devices that enables remote locking, or un-dogging, for centralized lock down. This enables staff to initiate an immediate campus-wide lockdown from a secured location instead of putting themselves in harm’s way to manually undog exit-device doors throughout the building. Integrated request to exit (RX), latch bolt (LX) and door position switch (DPS) signals are included to provide real-time remote monitoring and confirmation of the security status of the door. Wireless connectivity to ENGAGE Gateway There’s also a ‘dog on next exit’ feature, which is a scheduled function sent to the device to allow the door to remain unlocked the first time someone depresses the push pad of the exit device to leave that space. The door is secured in the evening, and with ‘dog on next exit’ enabled at a specific time in the morning, staff simply depresses the push pad to unlock the door. This makes unlocking the door simple for scheduled events and daily lock-up easy by reducing the need to distribute keys to staff. Additionally, the RU option connects wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy to Allegion’s ENGAGE Gateway which provides real-time, bi-directional communication to the access control software. RU is a modular battery powered kit that can be added on to existing Von Duprin 98/99 and 33A/35A Series devices. Enhanced door security “The Von Duprin RU option fits into special applications that haven’t been addressed in the past,” said Russell Gamble, End User Consultant at Allegion, adding “There are several openings that will benefit from this secure lockdown solution.” At Redlands High School, the Von Duprin solution is installed on five doors that surround the cafeteria area. There are main entry doors where students enter, plug in their lunch numbers and go through the buffet line. From there, they enter the multi-purpose space, where there are four additional doors, which are secured with the RU options. Access control solution with lockdown capabilities There was also interest in implementing the security solution at the district office There was also interest in implementing the security solution at the district office. The school wanted to pilot the solution there to experience the product and its features, especially the lockdown capabilities. And being that the building is so unique, it has a need for enhanced security. “The district office is a converted warehouse, so it was never really meant for meetings and offices,” said Fotia, adding “Having the Von Duprin RU has been a wonderful fit in providing security  in a not so ideal building.” Integration with Vanderbilt solution The main building is built U-shaped and the loading dock is in the middle. In the middle there is a courtyard area with four portable offices. The Von Duprin RU is on each portable door. At both locations, the Von Duprin RU options are integrated into the Vanderbilt solution and part of the broader lockdown solution. “The greatest thing about this solution is schools now have a way to electronically add control to doors that used to be manually monitored,” said Jennifer Martin. Remote lockdown and door access control She adds, “With the Von Duprin 99 Series, doors allow for free egress, but they aren’t usually monitored by access-controlled systems. If someone has it dogged so the doors are unlocked or propped open, someone has to manually go around and lock each door.” This solution ensures staff is alerted if a door is propped open and enables the ability to lock down the door remotely, even if it was previously mechanically unlocked. Enhanced lockdown capabilities for peace of mind Redlands Unified School District is pleased with the addition of the Von Duprin RU Redlands Unified School District is pleased with the addition of the Von Duprin RU to its school security plan. Integrating the solution with the Vanderbilt system, along with the Schlage electronic locks on campus has improved lockdown. According to the district’s Coordinator of Operations and Facility Planning, Ken Morse, it’s also improved peace of mind because there are less errors and more control over these areas. In the cafeteria, Terrier Hall, they’re able to secure doors that used to be manually controlled. This eliminates human error and the risk of manually locking doors in an emergency. Fotia said the school also likes the budget-savings aspect since it was able to simply upgrade the hardware it already had in place versus purchasing entirely new equipment. He’s excited to see other areas where the Von Duprin RU might be a fit. “The security measures and the lockdown capabilities are the main reasons we wanted the Von Duprin product,” said Morse, adding “Putting something on a schedule is also a great bonus because of how many common-use facilities we have. We’ve found that scheduling it is relatively easy. The doors are open only when they need to be. We have everything scheduled at the district office so it’s open during our hours, which has been a huge benefit.”

Vanderbilt Industries US Unveils Effective Recurring-Monthly-Revenue Security Solutions

Vanderbilt Industries US has utilized the company’s engineering expertise to create efficient and effective Recurring-Monthly-Revenue (RMR) security solutions. RMR security solutions RMR results in systems that are as simple to fit as they are to use. Not only are these systems easy to specify and secure to setup in moments, but they also guarantee a recurring monthly revenue stream. Below are some of the most standard frequently asked questions regarding Recurring-Monthly-Revenue (RMR). How straightforward are RMR systems to setup? Compared with lengthy, complicated, and sometimes extensive setup and configuration periods for some on-premise applications, typically, the setup of a cloud-based solution via any web browser is as simple as the purchase transaction itself. What level of functionality do RMR products contain? Installers no longer have to request software and firmware updates from Vanderbilt and then physically visit the end-user to update the system. Instead, with cloud solutions, the end customer remains on the latest version. This means there is no longer a risk of updates going bad, having bugs, or being done incorrectly. This translates directly to a value to installers as well, as this service is still relevant to maintenance contracts, but will require zero effort. How future-proof are RMR solutions? Due to RMR systems’ automatic updates, installers will always be working on the most up-to-date version of the product. Additionally, all of the installer’s customers will have the same software. This delivers a value-add around efficiency. When providing technical support, installers will only be dealing with one single software platform. What level of support is available when deploying RMR options? RMR helps to maintain high service levels and proactively monitor service issues for the end-user RMR helps to maintain high service levels and proactively monitor service issues for the end-user. This predicts the possibility of a likely service event. Online services help users solve system problems online by providing real-time support without going to the site. Through service call planning, an installer can see service issues and prepare a technician with the right parts in advance of the visit. Also, installers can organize service calls into efficient locales so the technician will not be traveling great distances. What are the benefits of RMR systems for end-users? Less IT infrastructure requirements reduce the reliance on overworked IT departments. With RMR systems, the on-site hardware service is eliminated. This eliminates the user having server issues, and spending massive amounts of time searching for a resolution. Moreover, for the end-user, RMR systems typically deliver a lower cost of ownership over time due to lower service costs, lower hardware maintenance costs, and the ease of use of the product.

Vanderbilt Industries Announces The Launch Of Mobile ACT ID With Cloud-Issued Credentials For Seamless Integration

Vanderbilt, a renowned provider of state-of-the-art video, access control and intrusion security systems, announced the introduction of Vanderbilt Mobile ACT ID, featuring zero-touch, cloud-issued credentials for seamless integration into its access control solutions. The result is the ability to easily issue new credentials, as well as instantly grant and restrict access for office buildings, government facilities, healthcare institutions, schools, residences and a growing variety of enterprises. Powered by WaveLynx Technologies, Vanderbilt Mobile ID communicates directly to each platform for authentication to help streamline access across the Vanderbilt U.S. platforms, including lite blue, bright blue, ACT365 and Vanderbilt Security Management System (SMS). The free credentials are supported on NFC for Android and Bluetooth Low Energy for iOS, and features fully authenticated issuance from a secure cloud credential authority. Access control system The application does not require any subscriptions or fees, making it an extremely flexible and affordable solution that allows organizations to transition to mobile access at their own pace. “The addition of cellphone credential functionality is critical in today’s threat landscape as more users demand touch-free flexibility and a streamlined approach to visitor management and access control,” said Lynn Wood, Product Portfolio Manager, Vanderbilt. “Now, more than ever, we’re seeing demand for technology that is easy to use, simple to navigate and offers the added benefit of mobility for users. Vanderbilt Mobile ID brings all of this to customers at no additional cost.”