Climax Technology PWSR Patient Wandering System Receiver

Product Profile

Technical Specification

Make Climax Technology
Manufacturer Climax Technology Co., Ltd.
Model code PWSR
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 5 V DC / PoE
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 110 x 91 x 28
Environmental Specifications OperatingTemp oC: 0 ~ 45 C (32 ~ 113 F)
Additional info

The PWSR Patient Wandering System Receiver is a complete solution for protecting residents and patients who require monitoring in hospitals, nursing homes, or senior care facilities. Patients and residents with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or learning difficulties are more prone to wandering, and PWSR can help track and monitor 24/7.

The PWSR comes with two antennas boxes, connected via telephone cords, to continually monitor patient’s pendant signaling devices and can wireless guard perimeter exits. When a patient or resident wanders to a location that may be unsafe for them, an alarm will go off and caregiver would be immediately alerted of the situation.

With the assistance of PWSR, patients can be kept safe from harm, and family members can have a peace of mind that their loved ones will be protected. With multiple pendants to choose from and many options for installation, you can build the right solution for your facility.

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