Jul 28 2021 Asia/Kolkata

The CNI Security Technologies - Optimising Risk Management and Asset Protection in the CNI sector webinar will cover topics, including Risk Management & Mitigation, Asset Protection, Regulatory Compliance and Cost Reduction through the use of: Cyber Secure Optical/Thermal/Radar Camera Systems, Effective and Innovative Perimeter Detection (PIDS) Solutions, Secure Network Backbone Design for large infrastructures, Flexible Biometric Access Control with multi-factor and differentiating authentication across both high security and public areas.

Other key topics to be discussed are Optimized Server and Storage solutions with Server Health Monitoring, a Modular & Scaleable Core Platform with unrivaled interoperability of third-party security systems, providing a true, centralized hub on a single platform.

The 1-hour webinar session has been created to offer practical support for those responsible for safety and/or security in the utilities, power, prisons and nuclear CNI sectors, including consultants and installers.

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