IData SoHo - The New Stand-alone Iris Recognition Platform From LG Iris

Product Profile

LG Iris Technology has been the key developer and driver of the commercialisation of iris recognition technology.  LG IrisAccess, now in its third generation, is the world's leading deployed iris recognition platform.  LG's biometric solutions, enabling non-contact and highly accurate identification by the iris of the eye, deliver security, convenience, privacy and productivity to millions around the world.  The LG IrisAccess platform identifies more people in more places than all other iris recognition products combined.

LG IrisAccess 4000 solution is versatile and flexible providing easy integration and expansion.  Enrolment and recognition are also easier than ever.  An intuitive user interface, with visual and audible prompts, enables users to be quickly enrolled and identified.  Dual iris capture and a power, auto-tilt mechanism increases speed and convenience by adjusting for height with one simple touch.

Combining LG's IrisAccess 4000 and the new iData SoHo software solution from LG's suite of identity access control applications provides a simple, flexible and robust solution for any environment.

Features include:

  • Enrolment: iData SoHo provides the system administrator with a flexible interface to enrol individuals in the database with a simple user interface.
  • Setup: iData SoHo provides a simple configuration solution, as the system has the ability to configure itself via DHCP.  Alternatively, the system provides the option to set static IP addresses. An administrator can also control a relay to activate a door strike, or reset permissions.  Wiegand formats up to 128 bits are supported.
  • Reporting: iData SoHo is designed to identify individuals as their biometric is presented.  All transactions are stored in the system log and can be accessed by the system administrator for download, review and printing.
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Technical Specification

Make LG Iris
Manufacturer Iris ID, Inc.
Model code iData SoHo
Reader Types Biometric
Communication Ethernet
Visitor Management Yes
Additional info

Convenient "non-contact" IrisAccess solution.  Standalone or up to four recognition points.  Can be integrated with any access control system.  Touch screen panel PC (optional). Stand-alone or up to four recognition points.  Flexible authentification options: iris, card, PIN.  Downloadable transaction and history reports.  Wiegand formats up to 128 bits are supported.

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