AXIS 247S Video Server - New Solution For Integrating Analog Cameras Into IP-based Video Surveillance Systems

Product Profile

AXIS 247S Video Server, from the market leader in network video, is a high-performance, single channel video encoder, offering a perfect solution for integrating analog cameras into IP-based video surveillance systems.  Supported by the industry's largest base of video management software, Axis video servers provide the opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits that digital technology offers.

The compact AXIS 247S, with its flexible mounting options, is ideal for distributed installation close to an analog camera, where space constraints call for an optimized solution.  The installer-friendly AXIS 247S is powered over Ethernet (PoE), and can feed the camera with power, which eliminates the need for power outlets.  Power classification 2 or 3 is selectable, enabling optimisation of the PoE-enabled network - either giving just enough power for a miniature analog camera, or for supplying a standard analog camera.  If the existing network does not have support for PoE, Axis offers midspans injecting power to the network.

AXIS 247S one-channel video server provides high quality, de-interlaced video at up to 30/25 frames per second.  The de-interlace filter eliminates the artifacts caused by the analog PAL/NTSC video signal.  Integrated audio support enhances the video surveillance by enabling users not only to view, but also listen in on an area, picking up communication between intruders or people with suspicious behavior.

Network utilisation is optimized with sophisticated functions such as video motion detection, Axis' unique capability of simultaneous Motion JPEG and advanced MPEG-4 streams, and the support for Quality of Service (QoS), which enables reservation of network capacity and prioritisation of mission-critical surveillance in a QoS-aware network.

AXIS 247S offers a comprehensive set of network security features, such as multi-level password protection, IP address filtering, HTTPS encryption and IEEE 802.1X authentication.


  • Compact, single channel video server
    The compact AXIS 247S is ideal for distributed installation close to the analog camera, where space constraints call for an optimized solution.
  • Powered over Ethernet with power out for camera
    Installer-friendly AXIS 247S is powered over Ethernet, and can also feed the camera with power, eliminating the need for power outlets.
  • High quality, de-interlaced video
    Analog video is converted to high-quality, de-interlaced, digital video at up to 30/25 frames per second in 4CIF resolution.  Simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 video streams allow for optimisation both on image quality and bandwidth efficiency.
  • Audio support including detection alarm
    Audio support enables users not only to view, but also listen in on an area, picking up communication between intruders or unusual sounds from suspicious activity.
  • Powerful event management
    Event management capabilities include multi-window video motion detection, audio detection and alarm buffering for efficient use of the video surveillance system.
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Technical Specification

Make Axis Communications
Manufacturer Axis Communications
Model code AXIS 247S
Video Inputs 1
Other Inputs 2
Audio Input Yes
Alarm Input Yes
Video Outputs 2
No of Other Outputs 2
Network Protocols IPv4/v6, HTTP/S, SSL/TLS, TCP, ICMP, Qos, SNMP etc
Interface 10/100Base-T Ethernet, BNC
Resolution TVL 704 x 480
System Requirements System Requirements: PIII 500Mhz, 128 MB RAM, AGP graphics card, Direct Draw, Win XP, 2000, DX 9.0, IE 6
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 41 x 98 x 99
Weight g: 214
Electrical Specifications Power Consumption: 5 W
Voltage: 7 ~ 15 V DC
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature oC: 0 ~ 50
Operating Humidity %: 20 ~ 80
Video Inputs Overview Analog / composite BNC input, NTSC / PAL autosensing, 6 pin Mini-DIN in
Additional info Simultaneous M-JPEG and MPEG-4 streaming.  Aspect ratio correction.
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