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Manage your assets anytime anywhere...

Traka’s Traka Web, version 1 allows Traka Touch systems to be managed from any platform, including phones, tablet devices and PC’s, that can run a browser.

It has been built to provide simple administration, quick links to actions such as remote release and easy access to summary reports and events.

Traka Web adopts the highest security standards for data encryption to ensure data transfer is secure. It is multi lingual with the ability to associate language with user logins meaning it automatically changes depending on who logs into the system.


The benefits of Traka Web is that it only needs be installed on one PC but is accessible from any device that has connection to the server. It does not require time intensive installation on existing networks, which can provide obstacles for IT departments and highly secure networks.

Although Traka Web is currently only available for use with Traka Touch there is a comprehensive roadmap of releases and developments for the next 18 months that will mean Traka Web has all the functionality and scalability of Traka32.

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Technical Specification

Make Traka
Manufacturer Traka
Model code Traka Web
Additional info Traka Web brings users and items side by side, making it easy to grant access to multiple items quickly and 
efficiently. Furthermore it supports item definitions making it simple to manage different types of assets. Traka Web supports a 3 tier architecture, Data, Application and Presentation layers - enabling Traka Web to be efficient and scalable.
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