Innovative C•CURE Go Reader Mobile App

Product Profile

The innovative C•CURE Go Reader extends the reach of your C•CURE 9000 system more powerfully than ever before. C•CURE Go Reader lets you grant or deny access in even the most remote, disconnected areas such as construction sites, offline events and roaming security checkpoints.

Using an Android device paired with a separate multi-technology read head or the new all-in-one C-One2 handheld device, C•CURE Go Reader mimics a full-fledged iSTAR door, complete with schedules, clearances and holidays. As a virtual door in C•CURE 9000, C•CURE Go Reader inherits all clearances of an associated iSTAR door group, ensuring strict security even if you are far away from your nearest iSTAR controller.

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Technical Specification

Make Software House
Manufacturer Software House, Tyco International
Model code C•CURE Go Reader Mobile App
No of Cardholders included 250,000
Reader Types Card
Guard Tours Yes
Central / Remote Monitoring Yes
Additional info
  • Powerful, portable C•CURE 9000 security application on robust mobile terminal
  • Roll call allows system administrator to produce list of all users currently within a specified area.
  • Manually muster a person by searching by name from the roll call screen for missing card.
  • Easily create check points, track IN and OUT status for personnel
  • Capture the GIS Location of each card swipe and show locations on C•CURE 9000 workstation for quick tracking
  • Can operate in offline mode with cached database
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