Dedicated Micros SD Excel A Premium Enterprise, Hybrid DVR/NVR With Closed IPTV Capability

Product Profile

Dedicated Micros' SD Excel Closed IPTV Model is the perfect hybrid CCTV system product, designed to bridge the gap between legacy analog camera estates and new IP and HD camera technology.

The SD Excel is ideal for high end and critical infrastructure applications where there is a need to integrate high definition IP camera recording with standard definition images for general surveillance.

Banks and Cash Handling institutions benefit from the ability to capture fast moving scenes in high risk area of their buildings where financial transactions are taking place or money is being deposited, together with images from general areas where there is less likely to be an incident.

Controlled spaces, including waste management and recycling plants and critical infrastructure utilities sites, benefit from the product's capability to run video analytics on each channel, such as automatic number plate recognition, video trip wire or even video smoke detection. The analytics are seamless within the product, adding value to the video when combined with other site-specific data.

The alarm integration features allow the product to be used as an integrated transmission device. When applied in a BS8418 compliant detector-activated solution the SD Excel is capable of being remotely monitored with the added benefit of support for bi-directional audio. Audio is an essential feature when used on remote sites, where valuable materials are stored externally, such as metal recycling plants and builders merchants. In practice a visually verified audio challenge ('talking CCTV') is sufficient to warn-off intruders in over 90 per cent of cases.

SD Excel can be used as a standalone edge recorder, or as a completely hybrid NVR product. This means that it can be used in the central station or remote location, to decode and display multiple high definition streams to state of the are video walls without the need for a PC to control and manage video. The Industry has steered away from PC architectures due to their inherent instability and inability to redisplay multiple video streams.

The SD Excel is supplied ready to be part of the next generation of video security - Closed IPTV solution, which makes deploying an IP Video CCTV system safe, secure and simple. Combining patent-pending innovation with zeroconf networking technology, Closed IPTV automatically allocates IP addresses to IP cameras by physical port. In this way the system is completely deterministic, creating firewalls and monitoring IP connections by individual network ports so they cannot be hacked or intercepted. This ground-breaking solution provides a very simple and secure answer to IP Video, meaning that no prior knowledge of IP networking is required. Sophisticated and Dependable network security can be achieved with a single click.

SD Excel includes powerful new codecs with a Turbo Mode feature that ensures maximum per camera performance. Enabling Turbo Mode can effectively double the units performance allowing real-time recording at double the resolution simply with the press of a button.

SD Excel offers real-time, full resolution recording per camera in a powerful hybrid DVR/NVR package that combines all the benefits of a DVR with the feature set of a high performance embedded NVR. It offers 32 channels of mixed IP and Analog video, HDMI main monitor output, embedded decoder, on-board analytics, help videos and Oracle PTZ Dome, integrated configuration menus.

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Technical Specification

Make Dedicated Micros
Manufacturer Dedicated Micros
Model code DM/SDEXC16MA
Channels 16
Recording Mode Real Time / Timelapse / Event
Hybrid IP inputs 16
Multiplexer Type Triplex
Alarm I/O 20 in, 4 out
Storage Capacity GB 4096
Image per second (IPS) 400
Compression Type MPEG-4, JPEG, H.264
External Storage DVD-R writer, USB
Audio Recording and Properties 2x 1V pk-pk, RCA phono socket
Recording System HDD
Color Type Color
Mount type 16 in
Type of Multiplexer Functions Viewing, recording, playback, streaming, archiving
Network Type 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, RJ45
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 89 x 440 x 537
Weight kg: 11.4
Electrical Specifications Voltage: PoE
Power Consumption: 250 W
Environmental Specifications Operating Humidity %: 10 ~ 85
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