Aimetis Symphony: Video Management And Video Analytics In Harmony

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Open IP video management:

Aimetis Symphony™ installs on standard IT hardware, supports both analog and IP cameras from hundreds of camera manufacturers, provides a feature-rich, easy-to-use interface, and incorporates IT friendly features to make administration simple.

  1.  Install on standard IT hardware
  2.  Supports hundreds of cameras and encoder models
  3.  Supports MPEG4, MJPEG, H.264
  4.  Intelligent user-friendly interface
  5.  Unhindered scalability
  6.  IT friendly

Proven video analytics: 

Aimetis VE Series video analytic algorithms are seamlessly incorporated into Aimetis Symphony™, analyzing video data in realtime and providing organizations with intelligent information at their fingertips. The analytic applications in Aimetis Symphony™ include:

  • Video Motion Detection
  • Motion Tracking
  • Object Classification
  • Left/Removed Item Detection
  • People Counting
  • Dwell Time/Loitering
  • Wrong Direction
  • Auto PTZ tracking

System integration & alarm management 

Aimetis Symphony™ has a full Application Programming Interface (API) that makes integration with third-party systems, such as access control, easy. What's more is that Aimetis Symphony™ makes it simple to configure rules, and create automatic actions, such as lock doors, sound alarm, or turn-on lights, in the event of an emergency.

Rich API for third party integration:

  • OPC Interface
  • Simple rule configuration
  • Automatic actions

Future-proof surveillance:

  •  Integrate analog and IP cameras
  •  Scalable IP video management
  •  Open platform for system integration
  •  Alarm management
  •  Video analytics 
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Technical Specification

Make Aimetis
Manufacturer Aimetis
Model code Aimetis Symphony
Software Type Surveillance Software
Additional info Aimetis Symphony™ is award-winning intelligent video surveillance software that offers a single, innovative, open IP video platform for video management, video analytics, system integration and alarm management.    
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