New XS4 Lock With Keypad From Salto Offers Multi Level Security

Product Profile

The XS4 electronic lock with keypad is a brand new product that provides increased levels of security and control. For doors where extra security may be required, it offers users a choice of multiple security authentication methods to control access including proximity card, combined use of a PIN code + proximity card or a separate keypad code.

Designed for use in schools, colleges, universities, student dorms, airports, government buildings, military installations and for use on any doors where an extra layer of security is required, the electronic lock with keypad is the latest addition to the innovative XS4 range. Smart, secure and innovative, it needs no hard wiring and provides a totally wire free networked electronic locking solution with a great range of features. It is also available in a wireless version for online real-time control.

The lock can be operated in 3 modes, proximity card only, Pin (Personal Identification Number) code + proximity card or keypad code only. With standard proximity card mode the lock is locked at all times until opened with the users proximity card that has access rights to the room.

When using PIN code + card mode each user has their own personal code. Typically this might be used in student dorms, where extra security and dual authentication (presenting both a card and typing in the PIN code) are needed. Users can have up to an 8-digit PIN Code.

In keypad code only mode, the lock itself has an access code that is used for user authentication.
Every user that goes through that door knows the keypad code. When two users share the same office or room, they are the only ones that know the keypad code of their room. Several calendars can be programmed every day, giving the ability to use passage mode type opening during the day, and dual authentication only at night. The KEYPAD code can be composed of up to 8 digits.

Available in European, Scandinavian and ANSI wide body versions in both Mifare/DESfire and HID iClass technologies, the new XS4 electronic lock with keypad can handle up to 64,000 doors and 4,000,000 users per system and store the last 1,000 events in its audit trail memory. And in addition, it can also be fitted with a wide range of handle styles, making it the perfect choice for those doors where additional security verification is needed.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer SALTO Systems
Model code XS4 electronic lock
Lock Type Electric Locks
Monitoring Status Monitored
Additional info The XS4 Electronic lock with keypad is an addition to the SALTO 360° Platform. The user may employ a credential plus PIN Code, the keypad code or the credential only. All versions of the new product are compatible with the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) capabilities and available in a wireless version for online real-time control.
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