CyberLock Electronic Cylinders And Padlocks For Access Control

Product Profile

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The CyberLock electronic access control system offers a cost-effective turnkey solution for any entity seeking to increase security and key control. The CyberLock system is made up of electronic locks, programmable keys, and management software. Cylinders are installed without the need for power or hard-wiring which is ideal for securing remote and mobile assets. CyberKey smart keys feature a unique electronic ID, preventing key duplication. Keys are programmed for each user, detailing what locks it can open and when.

  • CyberLock cylinders retrofit into existing lock hardware
  • Cylinders are powered by the battery in the key, eliminating the need for hardwiring.
  • Programmable smart keys are programmed for each user and contain the user’s access schedules and permissions.
  • Access information downloaded from locks and keys increases accountability.
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Technical Specification

Make CyberLock
Manufacturer CyberLock
Model code CL-6P3WR
Lock Type Electric Locks
Additional info

CyberLock CL-6P3WR is a 6-pin, Schlage format, weather-resistant lock designed for padlocks. CyberLock cylinders are high security electronic locks designed to track and control access to every lock in your facility.

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