New Models Boost SALTO GEO Range

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SALTO Systems has launched additional new models to its best selling GEO (Global Electronic Opening) cylinder range.

Already one of the most versatile electronic cylinders available on the market, the new models include Swiss profile cylinders, Scandinavian cylinders and cog wheel cam cylinders. These are joined by a new panic function cylinder specially designed to fit panic locks that need a fixed cam position, grips for use in DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) environments enabling anyone with a disability to be able to easily open doors fitted with GEO cylinders and finally a detachable, removable knob version.

Modular, flexible and easy to fit, the IP66 rated SALTO GEO can be used in any type of door. Part of SALTO’s innovative 360° wire free locking solution, it is fully compatible with most RFID technologies meaning no more problems with master key management.

So whether you want to control a standard door, glass door, aluminum door, steel door, a lift or elevator, a car park, entry to a data center, access to a server rack, the security of a container or anything else SALTO GEO is the answer.

And thanks’ to SALTO’s Data-On-Card and wireless real-time on-line technology, users can manage access credentials and add, restrict or delete access privileges on the fly. And GEO’s open architecture means it can also be used to connect to an existing security system to create a fully integrated platform, delivering increased efficiency, cost savings and complete access control flexibility.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer SALTO Systems
Model code SALTOGEO
Lock Type Electric Locks
Additional info
The new SALTO GEO (Global Electronic Opening) electronic cylinder lock is the latest addition to the SALTO standalone range of RFID locks. It has been specially designed and developed for use with doors where normal escutcheons cannot be fitted or are not allowed i.e. antique doors, certain types of fire doors, some multipoint locking systems etc. 
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