Compare NCR368-N2-MES with NCB355-P5-MES  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
True Day / Night
True Day / Night
5 MP
3 MP
Digital (DSP)
Specialist Type
Sensitivity Lux
Auto Iris
24 V AC
12 V DC/PoE
Focal Length mm
3 ~ 9
Wide Dynamic Range
Picture Elements HxV
2592 x 1944
2304 x 1536
Image Frame Rate
30 fps
25 fps
Back Light Compensation
Auto Gain Control
White Balance
Electronic Shutter Range
1/10,000 ~ 1/7.5 sec
1/10,000 ~ 1/6.25s
Signal Mode
Lens Mount
Motion Activated

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MESSOA Maven IP Cameras Secure Tokyo Shopping District
MESSOA Maven IP Cameras Secure Tokyo Shopping District

The cameras deliver exceptional image quality for accurate identification at crime-prone spots The shopping District, or Shoutengai, in Koto-Ku, Tokyo is located next to a busy train station that gathers many restaurants, shops, and sake bars together in this newly vibrant neighborhood. As the area becoming more commercially alive, there was an increasing concern for crimes taken place within the district, especially during late nights. For the purpose of crime prevention, the Shopping District Association began to consider deploying surveillance cameras at the crime hot spots as a way to strengthen the public safety in the neighborhood. Yet with its limited finances, the association had to look for an effective solution at a lower cost that would cope with its tight budget. Solution With the help from MESSOA, more than 60 Maven series NCR365 IR bullet cameras and a dozen of NOD385 IR dome cameras were introduced in this project. Equipped with a 3MP CMOS sensor and removable IR-cut filter for 24/7 monitoring, these cameras deliver exceptional image quality for accurate identification at crime-prone spots. Both cameras support onboard memory with microSD card slot that utilizes edge recording technology. Up to 64GB of HD quality CCTV footage can be recorded locally on each camera without the need of installing NVRs, saving a significant amount of installation costs. Structure-wise, both the NCR365 and NOD385 are IP67 certified, featuring built-in heater and weatherproof enclosure to ensure the cameras are capable of withstanding any harsh environments in Japan, particularly in winter times. Result By utilizing the edge-based recording technology, the whole project eliminated the need for a centralized recording server or storage, helping the association saving a great deal of costs as planned. This solution did not compromise reliability thanks to SD card’s solid state without any moving parts like a hard drive. The files can be securely stored and easily retrieved when needed. The motorized lens with auto focus of the NCR35 provided benefits to the project as well by drastically facilitating the time-consuming installation. Technicians were able to get the job done fast with easy by taking advantage of remote configuration with simple mouse clicks. The simplified set up cut the installation process short and saved lots of labor costs as result.

MESSOA IP Solution Brings Positive Impacts On Lush Taiwan’s Operation Efficiency
MESSOA IP Solution Brings Positive Impacts On Lush Taiwan’s Operation Efficiency

MESSOA's solution consists of the NCR870 1080p network cameras and a 4 channel standalone NVR Lush, a globally recognized brand of handmade cosmetics and personal care, entered Taiwan market in 2001 and established Lush Taiwan with its office situated in Downtown Taipei. Currently managing over 20 locations across the island and an online shop, the branch office also serves as the hub for stocking inventories and handling all the logistics arrangement. As the product variety and the business grew over the years, logistics has become increasingly complicated, resulting in greater chances of making errors during packaging and shipment. To improve its operation efficiency, Benjamin Chen, General Manager of Lush Taiwan, contacted MESSOA to seek a network video solution that enables him to closely monitor the logistics process anytime. Mr. Chen also expected the solution to reinforce security to the office where valuable stocks are stored. Solution MESSOA provided a total solution consisting of the NCR870 1080p network cameras and a 4 channel standalone NVR to meet Lush Taiwan’s requirement. Cameras were installed at the office entrance and the packaging area where products are prepared and packed before being shipped out. The NCR870 is a high-performance IP camera featuring exceptional video quality in 1080p clarity, which allows for clear images, more detail and better viewing experience when overlooking the logistics process. The Full HD resolution also provides a larger monitored coverage to ensure nothing is missed. Built-in proprietary Lumii™ Low Light Optimizing Technology further enhances the camera’s sensitivity to deliver sharp images on a 24/7 basis. Pairing with the NCR870 is the NVR203-004, a 4-channel Linux-embedded standalone NVR. Ideal for small-scale installations such this project, the NVR provides local display just like a DVR yet with high-quality video that can be viewed and recorded up to 1080p resolution in H.264 compression. The NVR solution too features a mobile application available on both iOS and Android, providing a convenient remote access for Mr. Chen to monitor the office in real time right on his Smartphone and tablet PC when he is on the go. Result The deployment of the MESSOA IP video surveillance system made an immediate difference at Lush Taiwan. Now with the ability to supervise the logistics operation through network video, the occurrence of packaging and shipping error has been significantly dropped. “The megapixel video lets me know exactly what is being handling by the staff and how it is handled at the packaging area, whether I am in the office or on a business trip,” said Mr. Chen. “Thanks to the MESSOA IP solution, I am glad to see fewer errors and much better operation efficiency now.” Mr. Chen is also satisfied with the office’s enhanced security, knowing the staff safety and valuable stocks are now in good hands. And with the upgrading of operation efficiency and workspace security, he is confident that Lush Taiwan’s business will flourish for a long time to come.

Messoa Provide Over 30 NCR875PRO Full HD Network Cameras For Fisher & Paykel
Messoa Provide Over 30 NCR875PRO Full HD Network Cameras For Fisher & Paykel

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Fisher & Paykel is a major household appliance manufacturer with products available in 80 countries worldwide. To meet the increasingly competitive market while gaining stronger presence in Asia, the company in 2007 decided to relocate one of its manufacturing sites to Rayong, Thailand, southeast of Bangkok.This newest factory began its operation in early 2008 with more than 230 employees on site. In order to strengthen the overall security of the 46,000sqm facility, as well as to optimize the production line efficiency, the company wanted to install a highly reliable network video surveillance which could thoroughly cover the whole site and meet their requirements.Full HD network camera provides the best possible image qualityFisher & Paykel soon contacted Digitalcom, the leading security solution provider and MESSOA Channel Partner in Thailand to implement the installation. After a careful planning, some 30 plus MESSOA NCR875PRO Full HD Network Cameras and video encoders were installed throughout the facility to monitor the entire premises, including several key access locations, the perimeter surrounding the main building, critical production process lines, and warehouses.MESSOA NCR875PRO Network Cameras were chosen for this project to deliver smooth, high-definition 30fps video of the monitored scenes with a wide field of view at 16:9 ratios. Built in with 25-meter IR illuminators, the cameras are capable of delivering sharp and noise-free images even in the absence of lighting during non-operating hours when the facility is vulnerable to security breaches.The NCR875PRO is perfect for 24-hour surveillance both indoor and outdoor in this project. Further backed by the proprietary Lumii™ Low Light Optimizing Technology and the mechanical IR cut filter (ICR) function, the camera’s light sensitivity is significantly enhanced to deliver exceptional image feeds regardless of what lighting condition there is across the manufacturing facility.Upgrading security and production line efficiencyDigitalcom also worked closely together with Fisher & Paykel IT team to ensure effective integration with their existing IP network. With a successful deployment, all the video streams can now be centralized and viewed on a single screen in the control room. Most importantly, the exceptional image quality delivered by MESSOA cameras brought assurance to the staff that images could be retrieved quickly and was sufficiently clear for identification and for future reference if any incident did occur. The MESSOA NCR875PRO cameras allow Fisher & Paykel staff to retrievequick and clear images The project leader at Fisher & Paykel was especially impressed by how clear and sharp the images are recorded by MESSOA Full HD Network Cameras. Thanks to the MESSOA solution, the company not only can now secure their manufacturing facilities and the employees with ease, the factory supervisors can also remotely monitor multiple key production processes at the same time in unprecedented image clarity. The network surveillance system allows them to reduce time spent on paying routine visits to the production lines and to manage the factory more efficiently and effectively in order to stay ahead of this increasingly competitive market.