MAXPRO NVR SE Offers Pre-configured Hardware And Patented Video Surround Feature

Product Profile

Honeywell has introduced an all-in-one network video recorder (NVR) designed to help organizations simplify the transition from traditional analog video surveillance to the latest digital, IP-based technology. MAXPRO® NVR SE (Standard Edition) includes pre-configured hardware, software, storage and all required licenses in one box, allowing for easier setup than conventional NVRs. It also includes a patented feature that allows security personnel to more efficiently track individuals as they move through buildings.

"Implementing IP video surveillance has become one of the most talked-about trends in physical security, but talking about it and actually making it happen are two different things," said Ulrich Hopfstock, Product Manager at Honeywell Security Group EMEA, which designs and manufactures video and access control technologies for a wide variety of industries. "MAXPRO NVR SE was designed to make that transition easier with out-of-the-box functionality, with less hassle and with more features that ultimately improve security."

MAXPRO NVR SE is one of several Honeywell offerings designed to help organizations simplify the transition from analog to IP video surveillance. One of those offerings includes its MAXPRO® VMS video management system which helps users protect their existing investment while supporting both analog and IP cameras.

Having pre-configured hardware allows MAXPRO NVR SE users to install the system without having to purchase additional software or IP licenses. Furthermore, users save even more with reduced training and support costs because the user interface, based on MAXPRO VMS, is familiar and intuitive. The NVR is the first product of its kind to offer Honeywell's patented Video Surround feature, which allows operators to improve security by easily tracking and monitoring an individual moving through a building in real time or post event. Operators can place the camera view of interest in the centre of their screens, and surrounding camera views will automatically appear around the primary one. As the individual moves from one camera view to another, the operator can click and drag the appropriate camera view to the centre and surrounding camera views will re-adjust. The system also features a unique Preview Search functionality that presents overviews of specific time frames, enabling operators to more quickly find and view video evidence in a matter of a few mouse clicks.

Because MAXPRO NVR SE is standards compliant, it easily integrates with larger management platforms such as MAXPRO VMS and a wide range of IP cameras, including Honeywell's H.264 IP cameras-a new line of IP cameras that offer extremely crisp images at minimal bandwidth, especially in low-light conditions. MAXPRO NVR SE can be used to create a total security solution that encompasses video surveillance, access control and alarm management.

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Technical Specification

Make Honeywell Security
Manufacturer Honeywell
Model code HNM32SE24T0X
Recording Mode Real Time / Timelapse / Event
Video inputs 32
Hardware solution Yes
Inbuilt multiplexer Yes
Recording system HDD
Storage capacity 24TB
Storage rate 25 fps
Video motion detection Yes
Removable HDD Yes
Operating system Windows 7 Professional
Voltage 115 ~ 230 VAC
Power consumption (W) 480W
Weight (kg) 23.1
Dimensions (mm) 686 x 483 x 89
Operating temperature (°C) 5 ~ 40
Operating humidity (%) 0 ~ 90
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