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HID Global technology used as application platform

HID Connect, the partnership arm of HID Global, a leading manufacturer in the access control industry, is pleased to recognize its application development partners who participated in the 2006 iNNOVATION awards.  HID Connect salutes all iNNOVATION award participants for helping end-users "do more than open the door" with their access control credentials.  The awards were announced on September 29, 2006, at the culmination of the iNNOVATION 2006 conference in San Diego, CA. 

Using HID 13.56 MHz iCLASS® and 125 kHz proximity technologies as the development platforms, the iNNOVATION event drew submissions from more than 20 development partners, each offering a forward-thinking approach to credential-based applications.  In addition to the awards, the HID Connect-sponsored event promoted the goal of building a cohesive development community around HID's contactless technologies.  iNNOVATION 2006 provided a rare opportunity for industry collaboration, with market players displaying their current products and laying the groundwork for future development and partnership opportunities.

The iNNOVATION awards event was judged by AVISIAN Publishing's editorial team, headed by executive editor, and recognized industry veteran, Chris Corum.  Each entry into the event was evaluated based on the following measures of ‘innovation:'

  • Products designed for use with iCLASS or proximity scored higher than existing products that added support for iCLASS or proximity acceptance;
  • Products that were designed to deliver new functions scored higher than those used to continue the success or growth of a company's existing offering;
  • Products deemed likely to have a significant impact on a market scored higher than those with lower potential for market impact; and
  • Products were scored based on their uniqueness or level of innovation.

Based on these criteria, a winner was chosen from the impressive group of contributions. The first-place winner, RF Ideas' AIR ID Playback Converter, permits users of HID's iCLASS read/write readers, such as the RW400, to quickly deliver solutions.  The innovative solution was developed to address market demand and is currently in use in truck scale, manufacturing and kiosk applications interfacing to backend systems.

"The field of products was exceptional making our selection process challenging," said Chris Corum, executive editor of AVISIAN Publishing and one of the award judges.  "The ultimate winner, the AIR ID Converter from RF IDeas, scored high in all categories and really defines innovation.  As an OEM module, it facilitates the launch of new iCLASS-enabled products. In fact, a number of the other products in the competition rely on the AIR ID Converter.  Plus, it enables integrators and end issuers to rapidly build custom applications that capitalize on the HID credential for use beyond physical security into logical access and multi-application environments."

Other partners' products gaining recognition from the iNNOVATION awards judges included:

Second-Place: Nedap's Transition Booster, an in-vehicle reader transmitter device, allows a driver to use a standard building access credential, such as HID Prox and iCLASS cards, for vehicle access. 

Third-Place: Sig-Tec's Enterprise Level Convergence Software solution provides end-to-end access security software alignment for information, physical security, compliance and privacy within a business organization.

Honourable Mention: OSI Security Devices' Wireless Access Management Solution (WAMS) combines the Omnilock battery operated reader/lock with the installation ease of wireless communications, significantly reducing the costs and disruption of access control retrofitting.

"HID Connect is pleased to be associated with a group of partners who clearly understand how to incorporate HID contactless technology into innovative new offerings," said Debra Spitler, HID Global's executive vice president of HID Connect.  "It is rewarding to see partners develop solutions to support end-user requests for new products and applications that leverage the use of existing HID credentials to solve business problems throughout the enterprise."

HID Connect promotes applications and products that use HID 13.56 MHz iCLASS® and 125 kHz proximity technologies. 

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