MESSOA SLI080 High Power Intelligent IR LED Illuminator With Adjustable Diffuser

Product Profile

MESSOA SLI080 is a high performance infrared LED illuminator designed to optimize the nighttime performance of CCTV or network cameras for low light installations up to 300m. It provides operators with the maximum flexibility to adapt to diverse security requirements and the maximum output performance for long- and wide-range security applications.

EnduraLight technology yields long-lasting LED illumination

The SLI080 incorporates the advanced EnduraLight technology, using constant LED current circuit design, top-tier OSRAM LEDs, and the innovative fin-array heat spreaders to deliver durable, steady output over its service life for more than 100,000 hours at the operating temperature of 60°C.

Featuring proprietary LumiiFlex adjustable diffuser technology for wider coverage

The SLI080 features an industry-leading LumiiFlex technology, a 5-step adjustable diffuser, with which the operators can accordingly adjust the illumination patterns as required at job sites. It frees images from over exposure and hot spots to ensure the required field of view is evenly covered with uniform illumination. This proprietary design offers operators more flexibility in this industry than others.

Shutter Synchronisation enhances light intensity right on the spot

Specifically designed for traffic applications, the SLI080 is capable of synchronising its LED pulse with the camera's shutter speed to provide precise illumination, boosting light intensity at crucial moments when the shutter opens for image capturing. The SLI080 yields exceptional nighttime images when coupled with MESSOA's SCR515PRO traffic camera for much enhanced LPR/ANPR results.

Advanced features make the SLI080 a complete package

The SLI080 is solidly built with a robust housing and IP68-rated waterproof design, which is able to withstand any harsh weather conditions. Other advanced features, such as RS-485 remote control, expandable connection support, failure alarm, and dual-voltage make the SLI080 an all-in-one solution for all kinds of illuminating needs in security applications. The SLI080 comes with a 3-year product warranty.

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Technical Specification

Make Messoa
Manufacturer MESSOA Technologies Inc.
Model code MESSOA SLI080
Distance 300
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature oC: 60
Protection: IP68
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