Compare M73 with Mx-VB1A-4-IR-D  (2)

Colour Type
Colour / Monochrome
Colour / Monochrome
Digital (DSP)
Sensitivity Lux
0.001 ~ 0.1
0.01 ~ 0.1
Auto Iris
Direct Drive
24 V AC, 24 V DC, PoE
Mount Type
Wall, Pole
Wide Dynamic Range
Picture Elements HxV
3840 x 2160
Chip Inch Size

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MOBOTIX Cameras Utilized In Conview Care Solution For Savelberg Nursing Home, Holland
MOBOTIX Cameras Utilized In Conview Care Solution For Savelberg Nursing Home, Holland

The Savelberg nursing home has implemented smart domotics to provide elderly people affected by dementia with a wider range of movement. Depending on individual abilities, residents can move freely within three living zones. Savelberg has chosen the Conview Care solution from Leertouwer, which uses MOBOTIX cameras. Integrating Residential And Care Services Savelberg in Gouda is part of Zorgpartners Midden-Holland. Zorgpartners is a full-service organization offering diverse residential and care options for elderly people in the Central Holland region. A lot of attention is paid to integrating independent living and care provision. Conview Care is a complete care solution for organizations that wish to improve their processes with the help of technology One of the fifteen centers, Savelberg is managed by Irene Feenstra, who said: “We have been investing for years in care for elderly people affected by dementia in order to increase their quality of life. In late 2014, prior to commencing the planned renovation of two sections that house elderly people affected by dementia, we started looking for a new call-for-assistance system. "Zorgpartners Midden-Holland have been using the IQ Messenger communication platform for some time, which is one of the reasons why, after comparing several solutions, we decided on Conview Care from Leertouwer.” Conview Care is a complete care solution for organizations that wish to improve their processes with the help of technology. It stands out in the market due to its open integrability, vendor-neutral technology, and ease of management. Video And Audio Care Solution As soon as a resident ventures outside their allowed living zone, the care givers are notified through a message on their smartphone" "Here at Savelberg, the care solution includes video surveillance, sound and motion detection, and electronic wristbands", says Jasper Coppes, Care & Technology specialist at Leertouwer. "This combination automatically informs the staff if one of the residents exits the approved living zone. "High resolution Q25 MOBOTIX cameras function as smart video and audio sensors. In addition, an infrared ring developed by Gold-IP is provided thus allowing for night-time surveillance. This naturally happens with the consent of the customers or their direct family, and without saving any images." "Each residence is equipped with a smart sensor with camera which automatically sends a message once a resident gets out of bed," says Feenstra. "If the person returns to bed after going to the toilet, there is no problem and nobody needs to go and check on them. If said resident needs help, the care giver in charge notices immediately enabling them to react adequately." 24/7 Wander Detection Using the Conview Care solution, Leertouwer has created three living zones for Savelberg, allowing for 24/7 wander detection. The innermost zone consists of the floor where elderly people affected by dementia live. Within this zone, they can move with a greater feeling of freedom, as the previous boundary using air-lock doors has been removed from near the elevator. The second living zone consists of the entire building with nine floors and all shared areas, while the third zone has an additional open terrace and garden. "Since we removed all physical boundaries our dementia patients have visibly thrived," says Feenstra. "As soon as a resident ventures outside their allowed living zone, the care givers in charge are notified through a message on their smartphone. If a resident leaves the outermost zone and thus our premises, we can immediately bring him or her back.” We plan to work with Leertouwer to equip all flats with Conview Care and smart MOBOTIX cameras over the coming years." New Domotics Give More Freedom Although Feenstra prepared a business case for the new solution in late 2014, the greater freedom for all residents and the staff are more important than financial savings. "Our employees no longer need to do unnecessary night-time rounds which may disturb the sleep of residents, but can nevertheless immediately intervene if there really is a problem. Moreover, they feel that the new domotics ensures a lighter and happier atmosphere in the ward, which helps them enjoy their work more. "Approximately 40 flats over two floors have currently been equipped with a MOBOTIX Q25 camera connected to Conview Care. Until now, they have been working flawlessly. Implementing them was easier than expected and our care givers are also remarkably enthusiastic about and happy with them. They perceive it as a new way of working which increases the well-being of our residents. "Given these positive experiences, we plan to work with Leertouwer to equip all flats with Conview Care and smart MOBOTIX cameras over the coming years."

Security Ready For Take Off: MOBOTIX Helps Protect 11 Million Passengers At Major Italian Airport
Security Ready For Take Off: MOBOTIX Helps Protect 11 Million Passengers At Major Italian Airport

Security at airports has become indispensable, and entails continuously increasing requirements. The only way to keep satisfy the most demanding standards day after day, is to constantly further develop the technology in use. Video surveillance is a crucial contribution to airport security; this technology has a great deal of potential, as long as the current configuration is not taken as the final goal in terms of development. Il Caravaggio Airport Expansion Phase “Since the technological developments and the need to increase the level of security were clearly evident, we could no longer put off considering a flexible video surveillance system, one that would be ready to meet the security and analysis requirements and guarantee a high level of performance,” says Ettore Pizzaballa, Manager of Information Systems at SACBO S.p.A. The important expansion phase at the Il Caravaggio International Airport terminal, which involved building a long gallery of shops and expanding the passenger boarding area, made the situation even more complex and challenging. This added another piece to the puzzle, alongside the usual airport security scenarios. The video analysis software allows us to better understand how the flow of passengers moves inside the terminal" Improving Surveillance Image Quality Il Caravaggio International Airport is the third-largest airport in Italy in terms of traffic, with a volume of over 11 million passengers. Security is crucial when it comes to an airport infrastructure of this size, and a great deal of attention is required to maintain the necessary level of surveillance. Introducing MOBOTIX technology (offered by the systems integrator Tecnosystem) enhanced the quality and resolution of the surveillance images. In turn, this further improved the activities carried out together with the constantly present police forces operating at the Il Caravaggio International Airport terminal, thereby providing suitable support for investigations. “Inside the airport, not all the halls are homogeneous in terms of height and lighting; thanks to MOBOTIX, we were able to achieve excellent image quality under all conditions.” Analyzing Aircraft And Vehicle Movements Video surveillance has also turned out to be a valuable additional tool for improving operating procedures related to safety: “We can analyze aircraft and vehicle movements in the maneuvering areas to help train operating personnel. Even the luggage is constantly under surveillance: If a piece of luggage stops or is stuck where employees can’t see it, the system immediately sends a notification to employees”.Several different models were used in keeping with needs, including the c25, i25, M24/25, 24/25, S15, S15 SurroundMount, M15/16 and T25 The parties involved aim to complete the project within two years. That may appear to be a long period of time, but it is actually rather short considering the complexity and scale of the task at hand. Over 300 MOBOTIX video cameras have been installed, both indoors and outdoors. Several different models were used in keeping with respective needs, including the c25, i25, M24/25, 24/25, S15, S15 SurroundMount, M15/16 and T25. Each one of these cameras is active 24/7. The new VoIP infrastructure and NAS recording allow the different control rooms to share the images. Perfect Synergy Between Hardware And Software When it comes to ensuring state-of-the-art security, though, even the most advanced hardware technology does not suffice to cover all of the related tasks. A less visible component plays an important role in ensuring the efficiency of MOBOTIX solutions. “In addition to the image quality, we were also impressed by the option to receive thoroughly customizable software based on our specific requirements – not to mention the video analysis functionality.” At this point, it is actually easy to spontaneously develop ideas for the future, expanding the field of application of a system that boasts continuously developing potential, and utilizing the video surveillance infrastructure and its video analysis applications in order to obtain immediate and concrete results. The benefits are numerous: “The video analysis software allows us to immediately detect abandoned objects, locate the optimum route for vehicles in the maneuvering area and better understand how the flow of passengers moves inside the terminal (which we need to plan optimal routes), studying which type of traveler goes directly to the gate and which one stops instead to make purchases at the shops. The software also allows us to constantly monitor the lines at security checks and check-in and boarding areas in real time,” summarizes Pizzaballa.

MOBOTIX Video Surveillance Cameras Safeguard High-End Jewelry For Meiller Jewelers
MOBOTIX Video Surveillance Cameras Safeguard High-End Jewelry For Meiller Jewelers

  Trust – along with appearance – both play a key role in the world of exclusive watches and jewelery. This is the case for Meiller Jewellers in Schwandorf, Germany. This fifth-generation partnership offers exclusive watches, jewelery, and glasses from venerable, high-end, and contemporary brands and models. With their experience, exceptional service and extremely wide selection of both traditional and trendy products, the family-run company has captivated customers since 1876. Twenty employees advise customers and sell products, as well as ensure the high-quality maintenance and repair of watches and jewelery in the certified master workshop. The jewelery store’s range includes around 200 brands of watches, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets as well as eyewear, offering over 10,000 products in total. When it comes to video security, Meiller also relies on a modern solution and has installed ten MOBOTIX cameras in the store. The family-run company Meiller Jewellers has captivated customers since 1876 Analog Footage Issues Up until now, the jeweler had been using an analog security camera system, which was starting to show its age and no longer ran smoothly. In addition, the quality of the video images sometimes left much to be desired. "We are dealing with very small items here, such as earrings, and sometimes these were difficult to make out due to the low resolution of the analog camera," explains Roland Meiller, owner of Meiller Jewellers. Roland Meiller decided to install a new video solution and called security consultant Norbert von Breidbach-Bürresheim, Managing Director at VALEO IT Neteye GmbH. Norbert packed the MOBOTIX cameras up and brought them to the store where he demonstrated the video systems for the jeweler. In addition, he made a number of test recordings and the customer was more than satisfied with the results. "The resolution of the video systems was very good, and the details were easy to make out – even in backlight situations," Meiller said. "The price of the solutions sealed the deal for us because you can really see the difference when it comes to the value for money the new indoor cameras offer. Another criterion was the design of the cameras. Their design is very discreet, making the cameras on the ceiling hardly noticeable." Cameras Ready For Use In 12 Hours The ten cameras were to be installed outside of opening hours, but since shops were allowed to open on the Sunday of the chosen weekend, which is not usually the case in Germany, VALEO IT Neteye began to remove the old analog system on Saturday afternoon, directly after the store was closed. Afterwards, new network cables had to be installed in the ceiling since there were only analog cables in place at the time. Finally, the new cameras were mounted. "The removal of the old cameras and installation of the new ones went incredibly smoothly and was finished within just 12 hours, so that we were able to re-open the shop on time for a bustling day of business that Sunday,” Meiller explained. “VALEO IT Neteye had already preconfigured the video equipment they brought, so the installation was especially fast." Meiller Jewellery offers exclusive watches, jewellery, and glasses from venerable, high-end, and contemporary brands and models Excellent Image Quality Even In Poor Light Conditions A total of nine c25 indoor cameras were installed at the entrance and on the ceiling over the sale tables. These are ideal for installation in ceilings due to their small diameter of just 12 centimeters and a weight of approximately 200 grams. Features include a light-sensitive sensor with 6MP Moonlight technology, a microSD memory card and the latest camera software. The integrated Lowlight Exposure Optimization MxLEO facilitates high-contrast images without motion blurring, even in poorly lit surroundings. This allows the easy identification of people, as well as the details of individual watches or pieces of jewelery. In addition, the c25 is equipped with MxAnalytics video analysis tools that can be used, for example, to carry out people and object counting or display a heat map of high-traffic areas. "We do not use these functions yet, but we are thinking about doing so in the near future," says Meiller. In high-end shops, a highly visible video surveillance system is not always desired, since the customers usually place high value on discretion Cameras Provide Overview Of The Entire Shop A p25 indoor camera was installed above the cashier’s area. It is equipped with a 6-megapixel Moonlight sensor, and is very light-sensitive. Due to the manual swivel and tilt functions, the camera offers high flexibility during installation. The camera features a telephoto lens and provides high-resolution 6-megapixel images in high detail. It is true that a highly visible video surveillance system may deter potential burglars or thieves by emphasising the danger of being identified and caught after the act. In high-end shops, however, this is not always desired, since the customers usually place high value on discretion. That is why a video-based solution should be as discreet as possible. "In a jewelery shop like ours, a video system is part of the basic kit, for insurance purposes for starters. The MOBOTIX cameras have an elegant design, so that at first sight, they aren’t even visible on the ceiling," says Meiller. Evaluation Made Easy In Suspicious Cases The MOBOTIX cameras are based on a decentralized concept. In this decentralized concept, each camera functions as a high-performance computer. Both data and image processing, as well as the encoding, are performed by the camera itself. The recording can be stored to the camera’s SD card at Meiller Jewelers and transferred to a network storage device. It is only viewed in concrete cases of suspicion. Compared to a centralized system, up to ten times more cameras per server can be connected this way. Furthermore, no additional computers or software are necessary. This is another key advantage, since the old analog cameras required an expensive hard drive recorder. In the workshop separate from the store, there is a computer on which live feeds from the jewelery shop can be viewed. In this way, employees always know what is going on in the shop, while as a result, the jeweler has a video surveillance system that ideally ensures quick identification and arrest of the culprits in the case of theft or burglary.