ACT Launches Sitemaps In ACTWin 2.7, The Latest Version Of The ACTpro Access Control Software

Product Profile

Access Control Technology (ACT) Ltd. has launched ACTWin 2.7 with the much anticipated ACT Sitemaps.  With ACT Sitemaps you can visually monitor events as they occur on your site. 

As normal door events and alarms are generated by the access control system the status is updated live on the map.  The most recent events are highlighted to make them easily identifiable to the operator. The recent events panel lists all events that have occurred.   

To use Sitemaps simply import a visual layout / map of your building into the program and allocate your access control points and input / output modules to the appropriate locations via a drag and drop facility.

Each door on the map may be linked to a different map which is useful when there are several different buildings on a site, the building has multiple floors or the operator does not know the building very well.

Another feature of ACTWin 2.7 is break glass detection.  The break glass detection allows the customer to monitor and report when the break glass device has been activated.  It is also possible to trigger a relay on the ACT controller on break glass activation.

The ACTWin software is used in conjunction with ACTpro door controllers and is available in both a free (Lite) and a licensed (pro) version.  Other features included in the software include ACT Notifier, DVR Integration, Muster Reporting and Elevator Control (some are pro only).  ACTWin software can also be integrated with third party software for increased functionality including visitor management and time and attendance.

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Technical Specification

Make ACT
Manufacturer Vanderbilt Industries
Model code ACTWin 2.7
Photo ID Yes
No of concurrent PC Operators Unlimited
Communication TCP/IP
Visitor Management Yes
Time & Attendance Yes
Guard Tours Yes
Integration DVR Integration
Central / Remote Monitoring Yes
Import/Export of Information Yes
Web-enabled software Yes
Multiple Tenants / Partitioning Yes
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