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Vanderbilt Industries Overview:

Vanderbilt, an ACRE company, is a global provider of state-of-the-art security solutions encompassing access control, video and integrated systems management. Its innovative approach is central to designing systems that make environments safe, secure and easy to maintain.

Vanderbilt products range from simple cloud-based systems to highly customized security applications that fit the unique requirements of leading multi-national corporations. 

Its North American portfolio includes the ACT365 Cloud-based Access Control and Video Management Solution, lite blue® and bright blue® Web-based Intelligent Access Management systems, SMS Enterprise Security Management System, and integrated or stand-alone enterprise Video Solutions.

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Vanderbilt Industries news

Vanderbilt Integrates ACT365 With Mobile BankID To Enhance Supermarket Security At ICA Sweden

Installation company Nessence recently integrated Vanderbilt’s ACT365 cloud-based access control and video management system with Mobile BankID in Sweden. Mobile BankID is a citizen identification solution that allows companies, banks, and government agencies to authenticate and conclude agreements with individuals over the internet. The integration with ACT365 comes together to solve a brief put forward by the supermarket chain, ICA Sweden. Web API for integration Tobias Olofsson, Project Sales Manager at Vanderbilt, explains that ICA Sweden is a retailer with a focus on food and health, and they wanted to be open earlier in the morning and later in the evening. “It would be too expensive to hire staff to stay open during these times in smaller locations. This is because the number of customers shopping early in the morning or late at night is minimal. But the store wants to be able to provide its customers with this value-added service,” says Olofsson. ACT365 was the perfect solution for this project due to its easy deployment, easy operation To solve this, the supermarket wanted to open unmanned and needed a solution to allow customers to enter the store in a functioning and approved manner by the insurance company. In Olofsson’s opinion, ACT365 was the perfect solution for this project due to its easy deployment, easy operation, and a smooth web API for integration. Increased accessibility and convenience “The success of this project means it is now possible for shoppers to open the supermarket’s entrance door by digitally signing into the Mobile BankID on their phone and presenting it to the ACT365 reader located on the outside of the door,” states Olofsson. Moreover, good accessibility is maintained as all customers do not need to have specific cards or tags for the access system to be able to enter the supermarket. “A new modern solution has been developed to facilitate trade for private individuals, especially in smaller towns where food stores do not tend to stay open for as long as in the big cities. This project has resulted in increased profits for the supermarket, as well as increased accessibility and convenience for its customers,” concludes Olofsson.

Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless Devices Are The Perfect Match For Retail Establishments

Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless is an ideal fit for the retail sector. First off, SPC Wireless devices’ aesthetically appealing design is perfect to fit in with retail environments and compliment the surrounding environments of a modern-day retail store. But, as well as featuring a sleek design, the Wireless devices also have many standout features that specifically benefit the retail sector. Automatic power saving One of these benefits is long battery life as the devices are supported by an automatic power saving mode for a battery life on average of five years. In fact, the SPC Wireless smoke detector comes with a battery life of over ten years. This means retail owners won’t have to worry about continually changing out batteries, giving them peace of mind that their shop is under consistent protection against intruders. More so, Vanderbilt also uses conventional batteries meaning they are accessible to source, again focused on making life easier for the system user. Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless devices are a cost-effective and reliable intruder alarm range Extended range for every detector In commercial environments, the SPC Wireless range can extend to 500 meters meaning one single detector can cover a whole building. This is more cost effective than having to wire an entire building with cable, thus cutting down on install time, and ultimately cutting down on expenses. Easy and seamless installation Lastly, SPC Wireless device installs can be hassle-free. The installer just puts up the control panel, wires the mains to it, positions the wireless device in the shop, and the retail owner is good to go. In contrast, a wired solution can take, at a minimum, a day’s work fitting cable. By reducing the installers time on site, retail owners don’t have to worry about losing out on potential customers due to the disruption to their business that a lengthy install might cause. Efficient intruder alarm range Overall, Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless devices are a cost-effective and reliable intruder alarm range. The range is a two-way wireless technology that delivers ease of installation without compromising on the reliability of a wired system. The demand for integrated solutions and the growing influence of the Internet of Things (IoT) is an area that Vanderbilt has been paying close attention toward. We believe that wireless technology is coming of age, with two-way communication capabilities now cementing the technology’s potential and reliability.

Vanderbilt ACT365 Addresses Access Control Security Concerns At Study Abroad University, London

Access control has become a central component for the safety and security strategies of today's schools, and due to the complicated threats and challenges these facilities face, a school's access control technology must be innovative and intelligent enough to ensure comprehensive protection. The education sector is a gateway to the future for young people all over the world. But to assure this passage, schools must guarantee their students safety as well as their education. One such example of Vanderbilt solutions at work in the education sector is at a Study Abroad University in London that hosts students from the USA. Enabling Campus Security Live and recorded footage can be viewed remotely, and footage can be used in evidence The university wanted a security system to protect their student accommodation; in particular, a keyless system that would grant 24/7 access to its students while also enabling campus security to monitor these activities remotely. Vanderbilt’s ACT365 keeps audit trails of who is in the student accommodation by monitoring and recording fob activity. Additionally, the system produces diagnostic reports on door status and can investigate situations such as door forced, door ajar and break glass activation either locally or remotely. If an incident arises in the student accommodation, ACT365 can link events at doors through video footage so campus security can quickly identify and react. Live and recorded footage can be viewed remotely, and footage can be used in evidence. Real-Time List In further protecting students’ safety, campus security can provide pin codes, access fobs, and cards to students. These credentials can be remotely enabled or disabled if required. This can be managed on desktops, laptops tablet, or smartphone device. In the event of a fire or other emergency, ACT365 automatically unlocks all doors allowing students to reach safety. The ACT365 muster report gives security campus a real-time list of all students in the campus The ACT365 muster report gives security campus a real-time list of all students in the campus accommodation building. When students exit their accommodation and swipe out, the muster report automatically updates. If someone is missing, campus security can check cameras and call them directly by clicking on their name in the dashboard. Safeguarding Foundations Security in education is a crucial issue. It requires thoughtful attention and procedure while allowing room for agility, adaptability, and dependability moving forward – flagship traits of the Vanderbilt brand. Students want to attain a higher education in a safe and secure environment while enjoying their first step into varied careers. Vanderbilt’s solutions respond to these expectations and enable active safeguarding foundations to be laid.