Verint Nextiva S4300 Wireless Access Point With Superior Image Quality

Product Profile

The Nextiva S4300 access point aggregates traffic from Nextiva S4200 wireless video transmitters and is ideal for outdoor, point-to-multipoint applications. The S4300 transmits video over the license-free 2.4 or 5 GHz wireless band or the licensed 4.9 GHz US or Canada public safety band. A built-in, multi-band antenna lets users switch wireless frequencies by reconfiguring the software, rather than replacing the entire unit.

Built for security and performance

With Verint's state-of-the-art wireless technology and a compact, weatherproof enclosure, users can cost effectively deploy the S4300 wherever it is needed - from parking lots and perimeters to city-wide implementations and waterways.

The S4300 is built to deliver excellent performance. When using the unique Verint SPCF protocol, the S4300 features effective throughput of up to 28Mbps, more than 2½ times the capacity of prior devices. Additionally, up to 24 Nextiva S4200 wireless transmitters can be connected to a single S4300 access point.

The Verint SPCF/SDCF polling protocol resolves hidden node and quality of service issues that often arise with conventional Wi-Fi 802.11 products, with no degradation in video signal quality over extended range transmissions. SSL-based authentication helps secure configuration access, and AES encryption with rotating 128-bit key protects wireless transmissions from unauthorized interception. Additionally, the Verint SPCF proprietary protocol makes it possible to configure the master S4300 to take over when a nearby S4300 fails. This failover mechanism increases system reliability and availability, reduces the opportunity for critical image loss, and provides an excellent alternative to mesh wireless networks.

Easy to install, configure, update, and manage

The Nextiva S4300 is equipped with built-in wireless site survey tools to facilitate installation and optimize configuration. A Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector reduces the number of cables needed for system
connections, simplifying installation. Plus, users can remotely configure the S4300 and upgrade the firmware from any node on the network.

The Nextiva S4300 is fully integrated with the Nextiva video solution portfolio, including Nextiva Control Center, for centralised configuration and administration, and Nextiva HealthCheck, for automatic device health monitoring, diagnostics, and problem notification. Nextiva video management software helps increase system uptime and reduce cost of ownership, administration, and operation. Nextiva wireless video solutions lead the industry in innovation and value.

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Technical Specification

Make Verint
Manufacturer Verint Systems
Model code Nextiva S4300
Series Nextiva Series
Accessories Access point
Additional info Transmits video from virtually anywhere using 2.4 or 5 GHz wireless band or 4.9 GHz US or Canada public safety band. Compact, weatherproof enclosures that make them ideal for outdoor use. Optional embedded video analytics for rapidly detecting important activity. Up to 28 Mbps capacity, with superior image quality, optimized bandwidth utilisation, and failover for high availability. Connect up to 24 transmitters per access point, reducing equipment and installation costs. Enhanced security via SSL-based authentication and AES with rotating 128-bit key.
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