VSPT250 - Brand New Stainless Steel Pan & Tilt Unit From Tecnovideo

Product Profile

Tecnovideo's VSPT250 Pan & Tilt unit is a reliable solution for marine and in general harsh environments installation. 

The VSPT250 Pan & Tilt Unit is entirely constructed with AISI316L stainless steel. Inside the unit, the Pan and Tilt drive motors are integrated with control and interconnection PCB. Thanks to its AISI316L construction and to its IP67 protection, this product is the best choice, especially for Marine, Offshore, Heavy and Food Industry and in general wherever corrosive agents may rapidly damage standard aluminum-steel units. 

The ideal companion for the VSPT250 P&T are the stainless steel camera housings from Tecnovideo: 129, 168 and 204 series camera housings perfectly suit the 25 kg maximum load of the P&T unit.

Smooth and precise motion, both at high and low speed, is assured by an innovative gearbox system and by rugged high torque DC voltage motors. This feature is extremely useful when controlling big zoom lenses installed inside Tecnovideo large enclosures (like the 168 and 204 series). 

Preset positioning of the unit is precisely controlled by potentiometres fitted as standard on pan and tilt axis. Electronic limit switches can be adjusted on-site, without opening the unit. 

A full range of mounting accessories is available. 

For further information, please visit VSPT250 page at Tecnovideo's website.

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Technical Specification

Make Tecnovideo
Manufacturer Tecnovideo
Model code VSPT250
AC/ DC Type DC
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 24 V DC
Max Load kg 25
Pan Speed o/ second 18
Tilt Speed o/ second 9.5
Physical Specifications Weight kg: 17.5
Environmental Specifications Protection: IP67
Operating Temperature oC: -20 ~ +55
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Additional info The VSPT250 pan & tilt unit can handle up to 25 kg loads. It also has switches to electronic adjust limits and rugged high torque motors. This grant a long operational life. The pre-set positioning of the unit is controlled by potentiometers fitted as standard on pan and tilt axis. A VSPT250 extra feature is the possibility to manually set the rotation angle.
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